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Note to future readers: This is the FIRST installment of the Two Sided series. Once the other stories are released, more detail will be added. Until then, enjoy the story.

Two months have passed since Coco Pommel, aspiring fashion designer, left her last job to pursue her dream. Unfortunately, Coco's search for a job in the world of fashion have been fruitless, all of them leaving her empty-hoofed and forcing her to take up work at a local coffee shop.

However, Coco's luck finally turns around when a mysterious customer enters the shop to offer her a job that will test her skills in making a dress "fit for a queen." Unbeknownst to the mare, there's more to this customer beneath the surface, and his offer has more than just dressmaking in a store...

(The artwork is by the DeviantArt artist: runeechan. Link to her Deviant Art account: http://runeechan.deviantart.com/ )

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That's a very good start! I really like it so far. Keep it up! :coolphoto:

Very interesting start, wonder how this is going to go, and what Chryssie needs a dress for. You have my attention, as this is a very unique story. Have a like.

ETA on next chapter?

keep it up, this promise to be interesting.

I dare say! This has indeed caught my attention. Love your take on the changelings aswell. I wish to see what will happen next, and what is indeed in store for Coco. :twilightsmile:

This is getting interesting keep going 8D

Moar plz.

The Great and Powerful Trixie demands it! :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Changeling partaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Woooo!!!:pinkiehappy:

I never cared anyway :rainbowdetermined2:

Changelings? I'm intrigued *strokes mustache:moustache:*

4620833 AH TRIXIE! I MIGHT HAVE A NEW CHAPTER DONE TODAY! Don't hurt me... :applecry:

But really, I may have it done today...

4622150 Very well. The Great and Powerful Trixie will withhold her harsh justice in return for extra chapters... :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Woohoo! New chapter partaaayy!!!! :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, I suppose that's cool and all... :rainbowkiss:

Ah. This is a most pleasing development... *continues stroking moustache* :moustache:

Hey everyone! Whatchyall doin? New chaptar? Yeehaw! :ajsmug:

Cool concept, but you really could use an editor.

I find this chapter acceptable. The Great and Powerful Trixie will withhold her aggression, for now. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

I give it three woohoos. Woohoo! Woohoo! Woohoo! And an extra woo for good measure. WOO!!! :pinkiehappy:

It's a-ight I guess... :rainbowlaugh:

This chapter pleases my eyes. *still stroking moustache* :moustache:

Yeehaw! That chapter was spot on! :ajsmug:

Hey guys, what... A BOOK!!! I wanna read it! OOH! I like it! Yay! :twilightsmile:

A voice came from behind Coco. “Do you want be to make the espresso for you?”

You should change be to me.

“Looks like you have yourself some work for your clothe making skills.” 

I dont really know if you missed an s in clothes or it can be written like that.

Other than theses two points this was an amazing first chapter. Scratch that even with them this was great.

Great story so far I really like it. I love the idea behind this story and I do enjoy the way you portray the changelings.

“Why do you Cadence and Shining Armor?”

You missed a word there. Hope to see another update from this soon keep up the great writing.

Nice fic, needs more chapters, but it is a great start. Can't wait to see how this plays out.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

Interesting concept. I love it! Very well written. The only things that bothered me were Inferno Fang and lack of indents. There should be a button when you edit chapters that indents every paragraph except the very first line. Inferno bugged me (heh, lol) because it sounded like a Gary Stu OC. I suggest changing his name and other changeling names to typical bug related names.

This looks like it'll be a rollercoaster.

4708750 I have a reason for their names actually. I have a lot more in store in this story and will eventually lead up to another...

4710000 I can only hope it's a good reason

The Queen not going to be happy about this :facehoof:

That piece of :yay: guard :yay:ing thinks he can :yay:ing boss Coco :yay:ing Pommel around when she's the :yay:ing guest of Queen Mother:yay:ing Chrysalis? He's going to be :yay:ed up.

Big time. :ajbemused:

I would think that Coco could just say that she needs to ask the queen a few questions and take some measurements to be able to make the dress. It's what they will listen to.
I would also think that Chrysalis would only select changeling soldiers that don't have a problem with ponies to guard her. I mean she could have foreseen this. Or if not then at least make it very clear to them that if any harm comes to her that they will be very sorry.

Nice to see another chapter, though you should get a proofreader or an editor. I saw a lot of mistakes, and it got kinda annoying by the fourth.

4728622 i now have a proof reader so by the next chapter, it should be looking good. if not, let me know. I appreciate the feedback. :eeyup:

Nice chapter I wonder what Chrysalyis is gonna do about this.

4731818 You'll just have to read and find out! :rainbowkiss:

...that is, when the writer gets to finishing the next chapter and publishing it. I'm just his editor-for-hire. And there's a looooooot to go through here. :ajsleepy:

(edit) my editors are invading my comment section. A Note to you both: Don't or you die.

This story seems to have much potential, so, while I don't see it as anything other than okay, I'll be keeping an eye on it. It has a nice premise but its sentence structure could definitely use some cleaning up, among other things, so it is great to hear that you now have an editor.

Chapter 1 editing done! :yay:

...for now. If you guys see any spelling or grammar errors, or story inconsistencies, let me know.

The queen made no hesitation. “Make another...”

Damn that bitch!

Wait uh but gala is like the same day how she can make another.

Not sure what think about this. Did chrysalis didn't like it or its something other looking at situation with time deadline, especially that fang said its amazing.

Damn your proof reader :p

I've been skipping over this story for a while, but that latest chapter (especially with the children) has caught my interest. I'll be keeping an eye out on this one.

I completely forgot this was tagged Comedy until the door gag appeared, which came out of nowhere and vanished just as quickly. The sudden mood whiplash was quite jarring.

The cartoonish gags are completely at odds with the tense tone of the chapter. It doesn't lighten the mood; it just doesn't mix well and the unreal feeling it brings prevents me from getting into the narrative.

5161183 The gags were my attempt in comedy relief. However, you do make a good point on how it can throw off a reader. Any other pointers to add (I am open for critique)?

Editor's Note:
Chapter 2 editing done (finally)! :pinkiehappy:

Editor's Note:
Chapter 3 editing done!
...for now. Celestia knows I'll have some secondary, and possibly tertiary, editing to do once every chapter is done and edited because, let's be honest, the perfectionist in me won't settle for one-pass editing. :ajbemused:

That strange, I don't have it in favorites, but feed showed me. Its not published or what ?

Yea but not in my favorite lists, only in feed

Good chapter, I really enjoyed it. Especially the sneezing. I can just see that happening to someone.

:rainbowderp: Well, that escalated quickly...

You're tearing me apart Chryssy!

I am getting the feeling these dresses aren't just for Chrysalis herself.....

What?. Make more?. Chrysalis just what are you trying to do?.

5678748 she is trying to create an army of beautiful ponies to take over equestria

We were betrayed by two. That is why we must survive...”

I knew it! That damn evil 2 fucks with everything! 2 is the worse number.


Two is always dividing everything and everyone! Down with two! :twilightangry2:

5500515 It must be the same for me, except I never read the Feed for chapter Update. Because of this, I have 3 chapters behind! 4 and 5 didn't show up, but now 6 did! Arg, I hate how screwed up the Favorites can be.

Hah do Chrysalis want make her to work with more lings... Its just impossible that she do it without ulterior motive

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