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It has been five months since the Siren's defeat. Both Adagio and Sonata have been able to move on with their lives, living a normal life with the world they now live in. Aria, however, has not moved on from the past and is now bored with her existence.

Everyday, Aria passes the time by walking around the city just to pass the time by, trying to ease her boredom. At the end of each day, she goes to her nearby coffee shop to attempt to enjoy her order. This day, she ends up encountering an old foe. However, her "old foe" doesn't remember her nor the Dazzlings.

Featured 2/8/2015. I am quite shocked that this story was featured so quickly, but I am glad to know people really like what I have written.

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I liked this! I think if you wanted to continue it, you could!

The ending...Made me...Cry... It was so amazing..

Awww... this is so nice! I love it! Liked and faved! It did give me closure, but if it was continued I would read it,

5600057 It actually means a lot that you said that. I am really glad you liked my story that much :ajsmug:

I love the Dazzling Aria Blaze, you really portrayed what a lack of kindness could do, and you hit the nail of friendless Twilight's character on the head!

That's my question, Aria: What is the point of life? :ajsleepy:
Also, you made me like Human Twilight. :twilightsmile:

awww i was hoping there'd be more to this than just a dinky one shot. this is such a cute story

Nice! A little rough in spots, but still very cool. I like the idea of Aria forming a little posse with EQG Twilight and Coco... I wonder who else would be good for their little crew...

(Thinking) (thinking harder) I Got it a new story inspired by aria's backstory!

I agree profusely with some of the other comments on this story: this shouldn't remain a one-shot. This really does have the potential for sequels or even more chapters. Even right now, there are several ideas that I have in mind pertaining to how this could go; this was all because of the plot. This plot was very interesting: the insight of a villain's defeat and their experiences afterwards. This type of story, if executed properly, could easily remain on the home page for days and rightfully so! They give the reader another view on events that had happened from the bad guy's point of view, and let's be honest, what's more appealing? A hero's side of the story or a villains?

This story was, unsurprisingly, executed beautifully. The only real problems I had with it were the Starbucks coffee shop name being used (This is an alternate universe of Earth) and the lack of pronouns that should've been used (i.e. the teen or the girl). Other than that, I didn't really see anything else that disrupted my enjoyment of this.

Great job with this! ~ Unstable Imagination

This has so many things I normally would really like. And finally someone uses Coco Pommel again in a way that's not terrible. Doesn't happen often.

But -- and I don't usually say this -- the lack of editing or any sort of finesse in the prose kicks me right out. The narration is stilted and contains mistakes in bunches, while the characters talk like... like...

...yaaaaaaah, that about nails it. :twilightsheepish:

You have ideas. Ideas are good. You also have a decent grasp of character interaction and you clearly know what I like. :D What I would currently advise, more than anything, is a way to polish. Via editing. With an editor. Who edits.

Good luck. :heart:

Oh my, an Aria Blaze story, and a good.. nay, a great one at that! That's rare nowadays.
But anyway, I liked it, a lot. It was captivating from the beginning, and never have I felt a slowdown of story development - it is nicely paced til the very end. Also, Aria's path to reforming - violent and emotionally intense - is very believable and properly described, which is a huge plus.
Maybe I am biased, but heck - this story goes straight to my all time favorite folder. Thanks for writing, and I'd be delighted to see a follow-up!

Some mistakes here and there, but the premise and execution are pretty much perfect.

Now I'm left wondering what's the question I should be looking the answer for.

5606411 I have been getting people saying I have some mistakes in my story and need polish. I just wish I was like my editor and able to polish and detect errors. If only my EDITOR was faster at editing...

“Well, since you are such the regular, we got your special all ready as soon as we saw you through the window.”


Your welcome. And umm...”


The cost of everything was $6.78, but the Aria didn't care much about change.

The Grumpy and Moody Aria is always referred to with an article!

Me and the other syrins tried to take over the world.

*syringes *sirens

Niether she nor Coco heard a reply back from either of the teens.


Adagio got the unicorns, Sonata received the earth ponies, and I had the pegusi.


“Hey,” Aria said as she have a lazy wave.

I don't even know what this is supposed to mean. Maybe 'waved' instead of 'have'?

Like Bookish Delight said, your ideas are good but the spelling is problematic at times and a little more polish certainly couldn't hurt. Overall I'd say it was okay and sweet.

This was an absolutely fantastic read and I'd love to see more of it.

This is wonderful! Good job!

...Whelp, now I have my new favorite headcanon for Aria's backstory AND the Afterwords segment. Not to mention some nice backstory as to Coco Pommel's role in the EQG-verse.

10/10. I like it.

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