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Twilight seeks out Sombra's horn after his defeat to study it but quickly finds herself studying with him once she finds the horn. Despite Sombra safely residing inside his own horn, Twilight learns that he is slowly dying.

How will Twilight behave once she learned of Sombra's fate?

The original cover art was done by a friend of mine, Ablaze Emblemier.

The redone cover art was drawn and colored by, Elu.

Thank you both Ablaze and Elu.

This story is a submission to the Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord writing contest.

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Holy shitake mushrooms this was great! Hit me right in the feels

Came for lewd Princess, left with Depression.
[I hope there's a sequel of some sort, amazing how you can stuff an entire story of events into one chapter..]

Im in tears over here. please don't let it end like this.

Sombra answered calmly. “And create a farewell gift.”

WAIT did he knocked up Twilight?!

This was such a wonderful and captivating story!

Sombra was very in character (in my humble opinion) and Twilight, too. The only tiny nitpick I have is that sometimes Twilight speaks like Sombra.

“It was! Anyways, I had a great time with my friends. We performed many activities with each other, consisting of hikes, stargazing, and mining.”

But that’s about it! 10/10 -ign “would cry again.”

Loved it. Wishing for a sequel.

Damn, what a read.

As an aside: Those ninja's with onions are really good at what they do...

Great read! The characters felt spot on. Up the ladder of feature list you go! Right now you've topped non-mature and are third highest on mature. :twilightsmile:

Tell me your secret! How did you make a single chapter so chock full of meaningful plot and irresistible emotions?!


Why do you do this to me? :fluttercry:

I beg you, please, I want a version where King Sombra gets to live! A full-blown story, if possible. I beg you!

Damn... This is probably the third most emotional story I've ever read. Number 2 was Two Step, a Left 4 Dead horror and adventure fic, and Number 1 was Northern Lights and Ocean Dreams, a Pokemon romance and drama fic.

Dammit, the feels!

Admittedly, I had a slightly odd impression with the 'head forming at the end of the horn' line - until reading further, I was imagining a little Sombra-head sticking out of the base like the ice-cream on a cone.

Damn, haven't read something so....emotional in a while, brilliant piece of work.

Hey new cover art! Nice!

I came for a Twilight/Sombra fic, I left with depression... :fluttercry:

Very good work here, good sir or madam! Very good!

Also, new cover art. Nice.

Your profile picture is beautiful! XD

Damn right it is

Well, thank you! And nice work with this and the feature! It's nice seeing some more Sombra content~

9222670 I assume you had a good liking to it :3

Honestly, I am surprised that the updated cover art brought the story back onto the featured list (with non-mature stories filtered)

Nice cover art catches attention and says good things about your story. And ye, I tend to lurk around Sombra content to see what's good, and this one got a like from me.

*looking through my "Great" bookshelf*

Ooh, nice new cover art you got there. Looks great!

Aw man... I never thought I'd ever see good SomLight on here :fluttershysad:
HOW DARE YOU BE SO GOOD :applecry::applecry::applecry:

A wonderful, poignant story that was a pleasure to read. I would have read it sooner, but have been working through some difficult arthritic issues. This was very good and am always glad to see good Sombra stories in the featured box - a privilege I've yet to attain.

Ocean was a damn good Pokemon fic. Definitely in top 5.

Can you PM me and tell me what it's about? I don't have nearly enough good Pokémon fica in my library.

That was a pleasant read. The necessary drama was kept to a minimum, and I could see a progressive trend in Twilight seeing Sombra as a colleague, to a friend, then a romantic interest. I've noticed before in your works that you seem to be able to keep a very sanitised, 'fandom headcanons-free' interpretation, which appears here too. The same with the change in their relationship. There's no underlying romantic tension to start off. It instead slowly sprouts. Less capable writers would have had it at the start.

9448903 I can assume by your "fandom's headcannon-free comment" you mean that I either go on my own cannon and/or don't really care about what is the "acceptable" and "better" ship than another. If that is the case, I'll explain the first part first. The choice is that while some writers may use another's interpretation of two characters romantically interested in each other as a blueprint, I ask the question, "How would I do it?" As for the "acceptable" and "not-so-acceptable" ships, I really don't care what others may think so long as their chemistry works.

Your final point about me starting off Twilight and Sombra's relationship the way I did stems from the fact that I love to start at the beginning of how two characters meet and either grow together or apart. I like to watch things grow, so I apply it to my style.

Thanks for the comment and even noticing my style of writing. When you leave a comment, I usually jump at it and want to know your critique.

That was beautiful :applecry: really hits you in the feels :raritycry:

Damn. Just... damn. Hitting me hard right in the heart of my heart, pal... It hurts so good...:applecry:

This story is simply beautiful, and the ending it got me for sure. Probably one of the best Twibra stories I have read in a while. Poor Twilight. That really hits right in the feels. Amazing work, very well done.

9839216 One of the few stories I’ve written have such an end. That yearning for happiness cannot be given because of the world’s cruelty. Isn’t it interesting that stories with varying harsh endings or hard struggles are memorable; because they leave that scar.

:raritycry: :raritycry: The tears won't stop!! WHY DID HE HAVE TO GO?!?! SOMBRA!! :raritycry: :raritycry:

So heartbreaking:fluttercry:

Noooo!!! My heart!!! 💔💔💔

This is an amazing story! I loved it, and it really tugged at my heartstrings. I wish there was a happy ending somehow, but this is written so beautifully that I don’t really mind.

Thank you for this!

“Crewel?” I added with little hopes she wanted anything to do with me.”

Well,dear author, could I know what "crewel" means here?:applejackunsure:

That was beautiful.

This brought tears to me.

I'll be waiting for you, Twilight Sparkle.

He is going to be waiting for a long time:facehoof:

My heart :raritydespair:

Ponyville’s Foundation

ah, a book on makeup. didn't know Sombra was interested in that sort of thing.

It was a lie. There was an answer there. Somewhere. It would take time to find out.

But time was not on Sombra’s side.

it was ever thus. people say that you always have a choice, that there's always a better way.

and they're right. there is always a million and one ways of solving any problem.

but finding them! much less doing so quickly enough to be able to use them...

aye, there's the rub.

That was a good story.

really great story

oh look I just made a ocean with my tears:raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

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