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Darkus Relling

Hello from the other side, delicious friends! I have no idea what I'm doing!

Me & My Characters

The Creator

The creator of the two you see below. He's silly, random, smart, stupid, and all around chaotic! He enjoys playing with other peoples' minds, and loves his mother to death, but he'll only stop when he knows he's gone too far.

Darkus Relling

A Shaden that's visiting Equestria. He's up to some silliness, and not even Pinkie Pie can pull him out of it! He's saved his universe multiple times, but here, he's just gonna mess with the world with no real consequence to the stories.

Organa Crimtane

Queen of a whole race of monsters made of organs, she's currently part of Darkus's body now. But even with her intentions of making the world into an image of her own, she'll still be there to comfort people like a good friend would.


■ A Shaden is basically a shadow ghost that can transform and travel through dimensions.
■ The race Organa rules is pretty much the Crimson from Terraria.
■ Darkus won't abuse his powers, don't worry. He'll just do stuff that won't affect the story. Possibly beat someone up with a spoon.
■ The creator loves tacos, his mom, and everything else that isn't mean!
■ Because the creator couldn't draw ponies for crap, he DID use General Zoi's pony creator. That doesn't make him a bad person, it makes him a bad artist.

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Thank you so much for the favourite on Princess Muffins!!!

Thank you for adding "Banshee" to your favourites!

2201516 Several weeks have gone by.
2201343 And I still haven't said "you're welcome".

I feel like a failure :fluttercry:

Oh woaw! Thanks a ton for adding Project R.U.M.P. to your bookshelves. I would make a pun here, but I used them all in that story.:pinkiesmile:


Eh, works for me :derpytongue2:

2123338 poopy welcome, because I'm running out of unique ones.

Thank you for the favorite.

  • Viewing 61 - 70 of 70
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