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A little more serious than most of my blogs (nothing insane) · 1:59pm May 3rd, 2021


You know, it may seem so easy and I know how close I am. But the truth of the matter is simple. I've lost that hot fire of motivation. I would be a fool if I said, "I don't know where it went," because I do. I want to finish No Hugs, but I am so sick of fighting this battle of attrition with procrastination and relapsing back into procrastinating ways. One week or two I'm super productive, then it's back to one or several months of the same routine.

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The story lives! A new chapter has been uploaded! · 8:37pm Mar 18th, 2021

No deep expression of what's been happening to me in real life. That's for another time. For now, No Hugs has been updated. Enjoy what is about to unfold.

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Being honest about No Hugs (nothing dreadful) · 7:10pm Dec 9th, 2020


So said job search in last blog has not been so successful but that hasn't been surrendered yet. It is, however, going to slow down on that front because I can make due with my current job. I want to talk about No Hugs now.

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Potential Delay for No Hugs Due to Job Searching · 6:55pm Sep 28th, 2020


Personally, I don't like placing my real-life situations into a blog. But it is what it is and I want to let everyone know what's up. Worry not, as my living situation and job situation are actually quite well. It's the place I work at that is not well. To put it in one sentence, my business has had many people leave due to many reasons and are not hiring any new hands, forcing people like myself to work exceedingly harder and faster with no compensation or consideration.

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Thank You for the Patience! And a Simple Request. · 6:49pm Sep 10th, 2020


A long while has passed since I've done one of these.

I just want to put out a thank you to all my readers who waited over a year before I updated not long ago. The last four chapters, including the next one, was very difficult to put together. As I've said before, I wanted to make sure everything was put together properly. But that made fear settle in. It was a hard journey to do on my own, but I had to persevere with my own will and grit in order to deliver.

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Chapters to Come and New Cover Art! · 3:12pm Aug 6th, 2020


It's been a hot minute, yes. A lot of personal reflection and growth has happened since the last time I've written. But this blog isn't about emotions (unless you are emotional toward the idea of the title of this blog). Yes, I have decided to edit what I have done so far and let it all set sail.

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Slow Progress is Being Made · 2:50pm May 7th, 2020


Just another "I'm alive" blog. I won't go into detail about my life, where I've been, my thoughts about progress. That's to be shared for later. I can say that 20k words have been completed. Once I am satisfied with everything, then a surplus of chapters will be published.

As I've said before, the end is near.

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Finishing multiple chapters before publishing · 5:45pm Feb 17th, 2020

It may be one for now, but I'd rather finish several before letting the floodgates fly open.

And I do mean floodgates. :3

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New Year Check In: Admitting my Weakness · 6:43pm Feb 1st, 2020


To be honest, I am glad I have come to my resolution of fear. I have known this fear for a long time and admitted to it. However, I'd like to go into more detail. I'm sure some know of my predicament, but it's more than simply "making a good conclusion to the climax."

The fear is omega; the end.

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Holiday Check-In/ Comic Update and Concept Art · 8:06pm Dec 23rd, 2019


Happy holidays to all my readers. I pray that everyone is having a good time this season. It does pain me to come with nothing in regards to No Hugs or my other story. I've said it before, I do not like to start a project only to have nothing left once all have been caught up with. I've come with another roadblock that does not concern No Hugs, but my comic: starting it.

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