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The Plebeian

Who I Am

I am open for any critiquing of works.

I enjoy meaning. Although short stories and their morals can make me happy, I would much rather be held close to a character, and see the world as they see it. I want to feel broken hearts, shattered dreams, and failures, and listen to their stories. There are tales and lessons to be learned that cannot be told in scarce words. So, when I look at words on a page - the trace, refined thoughts of a facet of humanity - I ask myself, "Where is the meaning?"
Likewise, I hope to contribute some meaning of my own, because I have some to share. While I, myself, have much to learn, I hope I can help others towards the same great meaning that we all silently, yet viciously strive for.

My Work


Leaving · 7:15pm Aug 22nd, 2014

This had to be written some time or another.

I have just started college, and I no longer have the time to continue with my work, neither writing nor reviewing. Under most circumstances, I might sort out my schedule and try to find time, but the fact of the matter is, I no longer want to. There has been an irritating trend growing here on Fimfic, and throughout the fandom in general.

Quite frankly, everything we once stood for has been trampled into the dust.

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Very relatable blog, just too bad I got to it late.

Hello! Nice to meet you too. It seems you have a similar love for bluntness as I do, whether it's blunt words or blunt force.

Oh my god another competent story reviewer! :rainbowkiss: I love you already

Apparently, you're plebeianism with a physical body. That's what Professor Plum told me, anyway.


Yeah, I'm still with you. I've just had a lot on my plate recently, so it's hard to get those assignments done as fast as usual.

Hey hey, new TECS admin Smiles here. Just checkin in on our contributors to see who's still with us or not.

Reply to me back when you get this, k? :pinkiesmile:

Have you ever heard of the Pony POV Series? Regardless, I'd like you to review that.

Just make sure your work is legible and follows all of the guidelines they list for submissions, I suppose.

how do you get your writing excepted by the FimFiction moderator? any tips on how to?

Sweet, you've got an update. I'll read that once I finish this competition, it's extra incentive :twilightsmile: I look forward to it!

Comment posted by The Plebeian deleted Mar 15th, 2013

Hey! To anybody who somehow ends up on my profile page, know that I have a lot of ideas for stories, and I'm hoping to get them out there as fast as I can!

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