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Spirit Shift

Back in the Saddle. New Updating Coming right to your face. Not currently Open for Commissions. Feel free to DM me about anything else!

About me!

That's literally all that can be said about me...

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And just because there isn't enough art on this page! Have a Mini-Comic

My Vows

Never expected to write Fanfiction. But now that I've ended up doing so I guess I should lay down some ground rules for myself. Therefor, several things that I vow to do.

1) I vow to never not update a story. I will never go beyond two months without updating. If I have a story that I've simply forgotten to update please remind me and I will stop whatever I'm doing to rectify that. If it's not that then I, or my means of typing, have most likely died. R.I.P

2) I will never write clop. Sorry, won't do it. Innuendo is the closest I'm getting. Also If i'm ever bribed to do so it will most certainly be human tagged.

3) I vow to never leave a story on hiatus. I don't ever want to be one of those people who start a story that has people interested only to leave it hanging for months on end. I only submit stories that I've planned all the way to the end and only when I have the intention of finishing them. If by some impossible occurrence I do end up giving up on a story I will do one of two things: Release a blog post explaining why, and release a second post containing the notes that will explain the full plot of the story for those who want closure. Or 2) give the story up for someone to continue it. They will recieve the notes or they can go their own route.


So um... I'm back XD · 1:19am May 12th, 2022

Yoo, I've ended up with a job that's given me way too much free time away from my drawing tablet. So I thought it might be productive to maybe getting some writing done. I've shaken the dust off, rewrote my bio, and changed to a fresh pfp. So you KNOW I'm serious! If you guys are still around, I'd love to write for you all again XD. Look forward to New Chapters of Rise of the Elements, Days Long Past, and Sunset Helpers all within the next week!!

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My Youtube Animation Channel!!

Check out what i've been up to! I've been improving havent i XD

Look here to check out My Kingdom Hearts Comic! (Permanent Hiatus)

Page 22 is up and it's kicking off!
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Twilight's Journal Entry: Offensive Magic > Tier Two

"Mid level offensive magic, also known as tier two offensive magic consists of battle spells that only Mages with an abundance of training can do with or without a special affinity for it. While most Mages are capable of tier two spells of any kind, Earthans and Avians can only cast the magic that they are attuned to, mainly weather based magic and earth magic. Mid level offensive magicks consists of not only the base elemental spells but also higher versions of specific spells like Reflect. However, while most spells carry a second name, some spells have no second tier, such as paralysis.For more information please refer to the section titled, "Static Spells"


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I'm doing great!! About to start writing again!

Howdy dood! Hope you’re doing alright!

Pretty good. Some parts are poopy, but otherwise pretty decent.

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