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For any fictions involving Dinky Doo and Derpy Hooves!!! (that follow the rules below)

1. No clop
2. No pedo
3. No horror/gore
4. Be rude to people and I will ban you.
5. Have fun writing!

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Daughter. I think

I'm very curious about Derpy and Dinky. Was Dinky, Derpy's daughter or they're actually sisters?

100 Stories =) :derpytongue2:

Comment posted by TVnGames deleted Apr 28th, 2016

377605 I feel like Dinky leads to the best potrayals of Derpy in this fandom. By showing her as a loving, if somewhat clumsy, mother. And a lot of times Derpy is a single parent, which in and of itself is a lot of hard work.

Dinky is so freakin cute, I uunnnnn

Aww what? Why can't we do a DinkyxAdult fic?

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