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Muffins! Our Queen Derpy! It's what we're all about.

1: This group is about Derpy, so keep it Derpy relevant.
2: Please, don't troll or bash other people in the Army.
For more info, please see our page on Bans.

Black Bubbles: Dark and horror.
Chapter Star: Anthologies which have some Derpy-focused chapters or stories in which Derps plays a smaller, yet important, role.
Derpy Days: The ordinary days in the life of an extraordinary pony. Slice of Life, in other words.
Going Places: Adventure tales.
Mature: Things that are not appropriate for immature people. (Mature-rated fics).
Mushy Stuff: Romance.
Tickled Yellow: The comedies.
Un-Muffin Times: Sad and Tragedy. (Why would you be mean to Derpy?)

Generals & Founder Of The Army:
Founder: Redhead With A Computer
Generals: Pump It Up
Elric Of Melnipony

User = New Recruit
Contributor = Soldier
Admin = General

General Sweeps
If you have been inactive in the group for 1+ month and are a General, I reserve the right to push you down to Soldier or even New Recruit rank, depending on how much time has passed. Our goal here at TDA is to be a fun, active Derpy group, not a Derpy group collecting dust bunnies. Don't worry, though, you don't need to spit out a new story each month! Active is defined as posting at least 10 NON-SPAM posts/threads a month. (Note: Let's say you need 10 "points" a month. Posts are worth 1 point - threads are worth two. Remember, Spam is only worth a sandwich, and not a very tasty one at that.)

Misc. Information:
Banner done by the WONDERFUL Pump It Up!
Got any suggestions? Post them in the Suggestion Thread!
We are officially the THIRD LARGEST Derpy-based group!

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There's a few Derpy-based groups, but this one looks the most interesting. Thus why I joined.

I love derpy I have a derpy hat:derpytongue2::heart:

oof, so cute it knocked the air out of my lungs and filled me with DIABETES,

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

Dark stories go in Black Bubbles, regardless of whether the ending is happy or sad. It's based on the actual tags more so than the ending; for example, your first Derpy story (Prelude) would go into Black Bubbles and Derpy Days. The second would go into Black Bubbles, Going Places, and Mushy Stuff. (I think that we need mystery and thriller folders (and drama and random, the latter of which we really should have had before), but Redhead With A Computer has left the site, and I'm the only admin left who's active, so I guess that responsibility falls to me now. I'll try and think of some clever folder names).

Sorry for responding so late; I took a hiatus from the site, but also, you posted on the front page. Nobody ever gets notifications for comments from the front page of a group. If you want a better chance of having your question answered faster in the future, make a thread in the forum.

It's amazing how well the banner I made holds up after five years!

all hall the muffing qeen

Hi. Where do I put stories that have dark themes but ultimately happy endings?

Comment posted by TVnGames deleted Apr 28th, 2016

Derpy is so cute! :derpytongue2::heart:

>>Redhead With A Computer

Ok I put it there. Thanks!:derpytongue2:

Thank muffins this group exists.

So, can I post my story? It's about Derpy going through sad times with slice of life and romance playing second fiddle. I feel like it would fit in the "un-muffin times" folder.

Comment posted by Junko Enoshima deleted Dec 4th, 2015
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