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Barrett Biggs, also known as "Bad Luck Biggs" wanted nothing more than to escape his reclusive life. When he discovered a chance to fulfill his wildest dream, he believed that his bad luck had finally ended. However, when he ends up in the exact opposite of the world he expected, he realizes that life just isn't that generous. Now, surrounded by six effeminate stallions and no way home, Barrett must attempt to make the most of his new life. May Solaris have mercy on his soul. Which of course, he won’t.

Satire on harem anime, complete with fun tropes and nonsensical torture of the main character for everyone's enjoyment.

Collab with An Empty Shell, Vewpoint Robin and The Great Lord Inquisitor

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Hm... so no homo, but adorable ponies are still adorable. And pushy, apparently. Whelp buddy, it sounds like you got your work cut out for ya.

Hmmmm, interesting.
Gonna watch and see how this goes.

What can go wrong?

Okay, I found this way more amusing and interesting than I expected. Keep it coming.

I had nothing to do with this. Don't blame me, I just want da likez. ~ Spirit Shift


The writers doth protest too much, methinks

“Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!” Wheat cheered, watching the human chug. Soon after half the bar was cheering with him. Vinny had even jumped on top of his table to cheer the loudest, only to pulled off by Octavious not a few moments later.

Only when half the contents of the bottle had disappeared into his gut did he stop and slam the bottle down. The cheers stopped and a second passed before he let out the mother of all drunk burps! The bar exploded in cheers and normalcy was soon restored.

:rainbowlaugh: I think I'll enjoy reading about Dudeville. You know, you should make this whole thing as ridiculously over-the-top manly as you can, just for contrast. Contrast the whole touchy-feely romcom aspect with everyone beating their manly chests and talking about t-bone haysteaks or whatever. It'd be funny.

I laugh my ass off from this fic.

If anyone asks, Yes I did say that.

We need a female Sombra, Tirek and Iron Will (Oh god make Iron Will happen). Just for Barrett to see some females. Also Trixie.

I doth believe that those who appreciate this little ditty will be quite surprised how far it escalates...and "No Homo" What story are you reading?

Alrighty, this has my interest! Also the fact that nothing else like this exist lol Keep going :)

So far it's going great. I hope the next update comes out soon! :eeyup:

I need more of this in my life! :rainbowlaugh:

I sure as fuck don't know, because "no homo" sure does seem to be something that only happens in stories where actual guys are involved. The rest of the time, it's lesbian porn all the way down.

Why yes, the vast majority of the site's user base consists of male teenagers, why do you ask? :derpytongue2:

6748558 Well, that response came of rather rude, you know that?

It sounded to me like you were going for the same joke, so if it came off as rude, I suppose I apologize. Well, no, I don't apologize, because I was being intentionally crude and that's rude by definition, but I did not mean to be in any way insulting by it, just to make fun of the way shipping works on this site. You know, in the same way this story kind of does.

6748746 Nah, mine was said out of insight, not tongue and cheek. The story is not going after shipping, it is embracing and satirizing the concept of multiple lover stories.

Well, to me it was a joke, for pretty much the same reason. I've been involved with the LGBT movement for longer than some people on this site have been alive and the blatantly fetishistic way in which it treats lesbian romance and ignores male homosexuality as "icky" just always rubs me the wrong way. Given the chance, I'll make fun of that where I can.

6748889 mhmmm, I personally believe you are overexaggerating with the age thing on the site. Some people avoid the gay couples out of a sense of discomfort which is not in mean spirit. I can get that it irritates you, but there is no reason to attack others. (I am not saying in this instant you are, but even so.) I'll leave at that, as I am not trying to instigate anything. Have a fun time, and prosper on.

Given my experience of what male teen guys are like in that respect (and trust me, I have plenty of the intimate and violent kind both) I'm very confident about what I'm saying there.

6749909 We have a lot of stories about Eris compared to other R63 villains. (At least that I found) And she is the goddess of chaos, her being funny in nothing new. But yes, we need her to mess around with everyone though,

6749953 True, You now? i almost forget about Royal guard (Mare). what do you think about it?

6749958 Aside from probably making Barrett feel really bad about himself, nothing really. They are more of a fancy decoratios that guards in this cartoon.

Glanced at the list on the side panel of the front page and couldn't help but laugh at the twist on the human shipping cliche.

Not going to read, so my comment comes in blind but:

With the description given, I almost wonder if he would be safer in jail.

“Yeah so apparently Barb convinced Dusk to set my house on fire because he wanted me to move in with him.”

I think those are supposed to be the other way around.

6752855 No that's the right order, but you did alert me of something else. It should be

“Yeah, so apparently Barb convinced Dusk that setting my house on fire would convince me to move in with him. Which, of course, apparently made perfect sense to him.”

Which is better at conveying what happened.

6752860 So the fire was Barb's idea? Hm, didn't really pick up that vibe.

Well, if he is willing to deal with crazy he can always try and get with Eris.

Sooo, no one is upset with Dusk? No one demanding he buy him a new home or something? No one trying to arrest him?

I don't know. It amuses me, but at the same time I feel like it'd be more funny if they were at least kind of in character.

Sooo, no one is upset with Dusk?

6753826 No one said that. Who do you think is paying for materia to fix the place? Also where did you see them out of character? Berry, AJ, and Elusive seem perfectly in character given the context of the story. If there are two things I'm good at it's pacing and character.


No one said that. Who do you think is paying for materia to fix the place?

But, no one is saying otherwise. If anything, the reaction they are having (besides the main character) shows exasperated amusement more than anything, like they're going, "That's our Dusk Shine!" No one gave him a verbal lashing or anything like it from what I could see. As for paying to fix the place, that's also no where in the story. Considering he's forced to ask one of his friends to stay over and all he has left are the clothes on his back, it doesn't seem like he's getting anything from anyone. If that isn't what you wanted to show, then it would need to be more clear.

Also where did you see them out of character?

Burning down the house?

Anyway, I know this is being played for laughs and is all meant to basically parody common tropes from harem anime, but I'll admit the constant torture the main character typically goes through in them, along with how the tormentors are never actually punished, always annoys me. And it kind of feels like the same is true in this story. Now that I think about it, can you explain what makes this a parody or satire of the harem genre? Maybe it's just me, but it seems like it's just being played straight here.

6754694 The absence of something is not evidence of absence. The priority of the MC is to A) secure clothes and new living quarters and then B) Rectify and condemn those responsible for putting him in that situation. Which, despite being played for laughs, is how one should handle the situation. And if you actually read, AJ voluntarily offers to help him fix up the place. Also Elusive gives him new clothes.

Also satire and parody comes with time you can't expect to see the complete difference in one chapter. Of course it seems like we're playing it straight because you can't yet see the difference. With any new story that differs from canon, you need to first build this new setting and its differences. Read a few chapters and then tell me if you don't see the satire of everything in the story. The only thing that's obvious at this one moment is that we've twisted the normal human in Equestria trope.


And if you actually read

Alright, you mind keeping the hostility out? Sure, you don't agree with me, but it's just feedback.

Anyway, that wasn't really my point. I did see what AJ said and how Elusive offered more clothes. That doesn't involve Dusk being forced to pay for repairs/new clothes/new everything else that was lost.

The absence of something is not evidence of absence.

That would be true if it weren't for the fact that we do see the reactions of the other ponies. And, well, nothing indicates that they even slightly care. They either joke about his house being gone, point out how Dusk in this story is a complete monster, or offer to give him something (with AJ and Elusive). Honestly, none of them sounded even remotely upset with Dusk. I think that's the only thing that bothers me so far.

Though you're certainly right with waiting. I really should wait several chapters before bringing that up, and I apologize for not being patient. In my defense, basically every single parody or satire fanfic I've seen wasn't actually that at all, and was just more or less playing the tropes straight. I guess I was just thinking about those while reading this, but that's my fault more than anything.

6755302 There is no hostility in my words fair reader :trollestia: But the thing is that they also subtly take this opportunity to further their own agendas. There is no place for them to react because the first thing they notice firstly that Barrett needs new clothes and a new home. They may be upset as Dusk, but they're also glad to have this chance that wouldn't come normally otherwise, AJ especially.

Though I suppose that I should agree that Barrett should react similarly when he realizes that no one else seems to be upset with him. Though it might have something to do with the fact that it was Barb's idea and Dusk just being yandere enough to go along with it. But there will be a joke later when Elusive confronts Barb about it and she realizes that she's been ratted out.

Not going to lie, when I found out that the genders were reversed in this equestria, I immediately thought of all the potential male to female mares out there. Not a lot.

Also barb is adorable.

this is pretty damn funny. i dont follow alot of the rule 63 stuff, but this, im gonna.

[...]unable to breath [...]


Colt Steel

I am sure this is what the name is makeing a refrence of.

Second chapter was even better than the first one! Although, personally, if I'm ever punched in the face I'm fucking punching back even harder. But Blitz will be Blitz I suppose. Gotta keep the characters "on character", right? Anyways I hope the next chapter comes out soon. I'm kind of anxious to see what it'll develop into. :eeyup:

6764131 Nope, Lol, It is a gun reference looking back at Barrett's name...though if you want to see it as a reference to that, go for it...

6764131 I am 100% sure none of us were referencing bad sonic OCs.

EDIT: It was a reference to Barrett's name also being a type of gun ~ The All-Knowing Lord Inquisitor

The stallion began to tear up and stagger as he looked down at Barrett. “I… I…” he stammered taking a few steps back. “I’m sorry for being a guy!” he cried, running back towards his cottage.

Let me guess ... you gonna change gender, are you?

6764047 Oh, you're gonna see that a lot around here.

“Hey, Elusive had be bring over that scarf you tore the other day."


Quite enjoying this. And personally I'd have gone for those pancakes anyway.

6764792 Here's hoping you never have to write about batponies. :raritywink:

Love the way Artemis teases Barrett and hope that elation ship works. Too many Human/FemaleLuna docs. Mayb a trust with Solaris or Discord?

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