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Reality is relative, logic is a lie, and God prefers Thinmints over Tagalongs.


Anon is a cheap bastard, and hates paying to stay at places. Ergo, when Twilight threatens him with either paying rent or writing weekly friendship letters for room and board, Anon takes the free route. Too bad the free route is filled with frustration, confusion, and autism. Otherwise known as interacting with the local populace of Ponyville at least once a week.


TRIGGER WARNINGS: this fic includes racial, homophobic, and equine slurs that are used purely for comedy's sake and are not meant to offend or cause a problem in the community... mostly.

"For some reason I've chosen to write more letters to that stupid Princess. Let me know who you want me to write about for future chapters." –Anonymous


:applejackunsure: –Okter

"Thank you for confirming my suspicion that Anon is gay." –Uniame

"So, did they get sexual harassment cutie marks?" –DRaily

"What the fuck anon" –Qaz223

"ANON DID NOTHING WRONG" –nothingtoseehere

"So majestic" –Xzaves

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 78 )

It's... Interesting.

I wouldn't exactly say that I particularly enjoyed it, but that's probably just my own personal preference. I can see the entertainment value that it holds for those who would better enjoy it than one such as myself.

Good Job! :unsuresweetie:

Speak the truth Anon, speak the truth.


While slightly (very) offensive, it was still funny, and I need to see more letters by him.

This. We need more of it. An Anon is correct too! :pinkiehappy:

I read many words today.

They were arranged in a manner that pleased me.

I'm still laughing my as off and crying XD so perfect!!!!! More please!

Oh Celestia you little chuckle fuck.:trollestia:

Did anon tell Carrot's wife that he was uppercut, or that he's gay?

Ohh! Do one with Anon and Human obsessed Lyra! Hahahahahahahaha DO IT.

Thank you for confirming my suspicion that Anon is gay.

5666440 I feel like anon would probably tell her about both....then uppercut her when she got mad for him knocking the shit out of her husband....and then hit her husband for touching someone's dick without her...


5872241 Hot damn someone finally posted it. Thank you.

So, did they get sexual harassment cutie marks?

Celestia gives no fucks about Ponyville :trollestia:
She just wants more letters.

5595588 Anon, keep preaching the controversy, keep preaching...:pinkiesmile::rainbowlaugh:

...I'll be turning my brain off for the rest of this...I don't think I'll be needing it.

Bacon for the win...though that does beg the question, are pigs sentient in Equestria? We know cows are but from what I've seen pigs aren't.

Oh she gives plenty of fucks about ponyville...it's the chaos capital of Equestria and source of all her good humor.


I'm so gonna reuse this one.

Anon then realized that he would actually need to do things in order to write to the fat white shitlord that smiled down upon her cotton-candy country and its autistic, prismatic residents. And he would need to spend time with these autists.

"Jesus, now I know what the Pope feels like," Anon grumbled.

My first lol of the fic has been born. This is either going to be really bad, or hilarious. Like most video recordings of anon-interaction on 4chan.
-The letter-
Well. While I agree that putting the empty container of ANY food back where you got it from is a dick move even as a joke (I doubt it was. I get the feeling that those two don't and won't get along), Anon seems like he'd benefit more from taking anger management then doing friendship reports.

I would say I'm offended, but you gave the warning the title and I chose to read it and I'm not a whiny bitch like half my country seems to be these days. :ajbemused:

The fact that he managed to effectively uppercut someone half his size is a more interesting thought in my mind.
You should stay away from fire, then. :trollestia:
Faggot: a bundle of sticks, twigs, or branches bound together and used as fuel, a fascine, a torch, etc.

Although it used to be an insulting slang for WOMEN. Maybe to say they were skin and bones??? I don't know, I wasn't born a hundred years ago.

Comment posted by WorldWalker128 deleted Jul 10th, 2015

So neither the bear nor the Timberwolf, which aren't attacking each other (though judging by the actions of the Timberwolf I'm betting it's a bit retarded) and a baby dragon and the animals aren't the slightest bit bothered by their new room mates? What a strange world he's stuck in. And the reverse-pedophile CMC. What a STRANGE world he's ended up in.


judging by the actions of the Timberwolf I'm betting it's a bit retarded

Retarded? No.

Trapped in a cave with Anon would make any Timberwolf suicidal.

I died reading this, fucking...died

What the fuck anon

O______O well that just happened

...What... the fuck...

This chapter stinks.

Hue hue hue

Comment posted by AnonymousZero deleted Oct 13th, 2015

That's one way of getting revenge:rainbowlaugh:

I never said these would be long or in good taste.

Who even gives a fuck about "good taste," this shit is hilarious. Just make with the horsewords already, you lazy fucker.

Not only did Anon fart in his general direction, but directly AT him!

Lord and savior George W. Bush? How the hell can you be so random and still make me laugh my ass off?

...the hell did I just read?

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