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2104990 well thanks for the quick answer and I do hope you get better. With that in mind I shall patiently wait for the update.

In gratitude for the story, and perhaps to get those creative juices flowing in you, I offer my pencil for a fan art of your choosing, cover art or just something you'd like. I don't consider myself all that good but I feel I do alright (check my homepage for past works.) PM me if interested, My way of saying thanks for the fun read!

First of all; yes, it is going to continue. Second; no idea, I've been sick an awful lot lately and I'd hate to make a promise I couldn't keep. I'd like to say "soon," if everything goes well.

Hi there,

You don't know me, but I was an avid reader of your story. I was wondering when/if it was going to continue. I am not trying to be nosey or pushy, but I just wanted to express my enjoyment of Lero's alternate story with AJ at the helm of his affections.
Please continue!


You're very welcome, I've been following the series for a while now and only just recently realized that I had no way to keep track of it.

Thank you for deciding to fav Pony's Sympathy.:twilightsheepish:

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