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I only hope you enjoy my work. I appreciate all the comments and especially the favorites and follows. They make me happy.

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Time to vent · 4:08am Feb 15th, 2018

Can someone tell me why Hasbro is pushing Songbird Serenade so hard? :rainbowhuh:
She wasn't of any importance what so ever in the movie and her singing was unremarkable. Not to mention Sia is just... odd. she makes Lady Gaga seem normal. :pinkiecrazy:

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Hey, I know what I like. Keep up the good work.:raritywink:

No problem love your stories i go back to reread stories le yours to help me out here and there

2263860 ah well don't worry to much about it, with stories as good as yours we can wait.

2263412 I'm working on it but I have serious writer's block

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