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If you really love something you have to let it go... but not without a fight first!

Oh look. I write stuff.


Q&A: Ask Your Favorite Characters! · 9:35pm Jul 8th, 2014

To celebrate reaching a total of over 1,000 views I've thrown up a Q&A for King of Queens! If there's anything you want to ask Rade, Smart Cookie, Willow or Sunburst then be sure to ask your questions here!

Report ChroniclerOfFantasies · 457 views · Story: King Of Queens ·

What There Is To Know About Me

"You want to know the scariest thing about life? No one gets out alive."

I enjoy writing fanfictions but am not the best at steady updates, never fear though, I'll never abandon a story completely. If I ever cancel a story, I'll post a final chapter that will summarize how the story ends so no need to worry.

What I Can't Stand

TwiDash This is caused by the fact that no matter what way I look at it, it doesn't make sense to me. I can't, for the life of me, put their personalities together and see their relationship working. I've tried reading plenty of shipfics, good and bad, trying to prove myself otherwise and I always end up with Twilight or RD being too OOC for it to really be feasible and that just bothers me.
FlashLight. Flash just bores me. That's it for him really. I don't exactly have another reason.
TwiJack Really...?
DTxAB I see this one a lot for some reason and it just doesn't make sense to me. I mean I GUESS you could go the whole 'rich girl meets farm pony route'... but then you might as well just write a RariJack story. Not to mention its incredibly overused.
SpikexAnyone There are so many Spike shipfics I've become desensitized to almost all of them. The only ship of him I can even tolerate anymore is him and Sweetie Belle or the occasional one where he's paired up with an OC

Favorite Ships

Twilight x Trixie x Sunset(and occasionally an OC male thrown into the mix) Because I love the ultimate unicorn Trio to death!
FlutterMac Eh, it's okay.
SombraPie Oh yeah, I'm that guy!
TiaxLulu ...don't judge me.
ThunderlaneXFlitterXCloudchaser Just a personal favorite of mine.
OctiScratch+Other For some reason I tend to gravitate to Best Pony Octavia and Vinyl only if another pony is thrown into the mix. (Normally Neon Lights) Otherwise I just kind of walk away slowly and don't look back.

!Favorite Ponies!

1. Octavia
2. Twilight Velvet
3. Nurse Redheart
4. Twilight Sparkle
5. Sweetie Belle
6. Luna (is best princess)
7. Doctor Whooves
8. Trixie
9. Sunset Shimmer
10. Cadence

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Everything alright dude?

Thanks for adding You Can't Help Who You Love to your favorites!

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Hey it's been about a year since King Of Queens updated is it still kicking or should i begin digging the grave?

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