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Just because I have an opinion doesn't mean it's going to actually form into reality. And, just because I have an opinion, doesn't mean anything is going to come from that.

Also, why're we teaching sex ed to people who, from your understanding, aren't able to process the consequences?

I think it's really closed-minded to say a child can't understand something, considering MANY children are able to do things most adults have issue doing. I don't like this idea that people are made stupid, because by that logic everyone's a blank slate. Nobody's a blank slate. Humans can learn, and some are naturally good at retaining information and solving problems.

Adults need to stop telling children lies, like storks, and actually give them the information they're clearly asking about and desiring. It's completely asinine to lie to someone to, what, protect their innocence? That's the most futile thing I could imagine. It harms someone who will willingly believe a lie, and it actively fights against the progress of humanity by allowing lies to exist, even briefly.

Either way, my opinions are just that; opinions. If you're getting mad about it, that's your issue. I don't know why you chose to come to my profile and just sperg about, but you did.

Since this guy locked up his Foalcon forum thread about it I'm just gonna briefly say this here.

Anyone who thinks the age of consent should be 13 or 14 just because we're "sexually mature" at that age, like this guy, is a medieval idiot who doesn't seem to realize the vast medical risks of teenage pregnancy and that "sexual maturity" doesn't include mental maturity. The brain fully develops around age 25, 18 seems reasonable enough to process consequences about sex. Definitely not 14 no matter how "mature" the girl seems. Get your shit together. Foalcon is fantasy, not reality.

There'll be a chapter every week for the next ten weeks. :twilightsmile: There'll also be updates on my other Wilyverse stories as well, if you read those.

Uh oh! Oh boy!

You won't have to wait very long

Well, you see, I have this individual in which our relationship is... nearly all of that, in a way, and the story was cute and reminded me of that.

Plus I'm waiting for the messing and lesbian sex.

Thank you for the favourite on "Foal's Play". What did you like about it?

Thanks for the fav.

Oh, you bet I do! Keep up the good work!

Hello there!

Thank you kindly for the watch! I hope you enjoy the stories!

Thank ya for the favourite!

Thank you for the fav!

Thanks for the fave on "Sleepover Treats". :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fave on Futanitiation!

Happy birthday! ^3^3^3^3^3^

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