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To everyone who loved the fic: Twilight Sparkle Listens to Sabaton. It's banned...on this site. You can still see it on FanFiction.net and, while I am still making my currently ongoing fic: Lost Loyalty the priority, I will make a segual series: Equestria listens to Sabaton, that I will update occasionally until Lost Loyalty is finished. At which point, Equestria listens to Sabaton will inherit priority.

There you go.

Ok. I think I’m just going to continue writing my stories and not even pay attention to people like you anymore

Going down that road, are we?

Don’t expect any sympathy.

>Literally talks about being an 18+ adults-only event
>Takes survey anyway because reasons?


And what the hell is with all of this deleted comments?

I don’t know you don’t have any stories on here and that one blog you have on here isn’t very interesting

Because I wanted to see what it was about so I decided to take it.

Now I see that was a mistake

Okay? Why did you follow me in the first place?

The event is adults-only. If it does become a reality, no child would get in because we require ID as well as other forms of identification to confirm your age. Children, or those suspected to be underage, would not get in, period. Not sure what led you to believe an adults-only event would allow children inside.

On top of that, the survey lacks any imagery and only a few words regarding toys of an adult nature.

And your responses are blatantly obvious. Why did you even take the survey if it didn't pertain to you?

I’m going to unfollow you and block you

I don’t care of those because I do not see them but what problem with promoting an event is that the text can literally be seen by everybody even by kids and do you really think that parents would allow the kids to go to an event where people engage in something called sex I guess what I’m going to report this and then see who the loser is here

What of the clopfic promotions in that group? What do you make of those?

I mean there are kids on here sooner or later the moderators are going to find out

Okay. Why're you following me, then?

I don’t like what you posted in one of your groups

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