This group is designed to protect your oc from people mistreating it. This includes: someone using someone's oc in any fan material without the creator's permission, blatantly mocking or insulting an oc (note that insulting and constructive criticism are completely different), and changing small aspects of someone's oc and calling it "your idea" (while it may not technically be the same oc, you still need to credit the original creator).

Once a member of this group, you may write
"The characters in this story are protected by OCRA"
in the description of your story.

If you find someone who is mistreating your oc, private message me the details of the mistreatment, the accused person, the details of the victim oc, and how to best get in touch with you. If it is found that the offender is guilty, I will do everything in my power to end the mistreatment. If the case get's to out of hand I WILL take it to Knighty.

We are now in league with the group Supporting Original Characters . You may join and add your stories if you wish.

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Could somepony give me a second opinion on my OCs, please?

Is this group limited to MLP OCs?

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

Is it okay to have an OC with the same or a similar name to someone else's, for example the name Prism?

I have a story about a group of OC humans that turn into different creatures, including ponies. What should that go under?

Hey, Is It ok if I submit my story here?
Because my OC is well... edgy according with the fandom "standarts"... :(
Just because he's black and red, but I created him in 2011 when the fandom was still growing up and was ok.

Hazel: Please tell us our OC will be safe here
Hester: She's only seven years old in design and we don't want that she gets hurt in any way
Hazel: She's also sweet and very fun to be with

Woof woof! BOW WOW!!

389782 a friend I don't even talk to anymore asked me to join. 'sides, I rarely go on fimfiction anymore


I WILL take it to Knighty.

take it to Knighty.

to Knighty.


...Are you serious? What power do you guys have on this site?
Answer: none.

You guys are adorable.

Members of the OCRA group,
If you have a story with the main character as an alicorn or any other species, consider adding it to the group, Species of Equestria. It is a group designed for organizing all the fabulous stories with different species into smaller groups with other stories of their kind. Click the link and join!

Wow! This seems to be a very interesting group! I am glad somepony thought about creating it... :twilightsmile:

A story of mine just came out and I think I edit it with
"The characters in this story are protected by OCRA." :heart:

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