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Passion for movies, cartoons, anime and Pokémon. I dedicated myself to re-enact the entirety of One Piece with MLP characters. My waifu is Moonlight Raven.

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My Problems with this Free Style · 3:17pm October 11th

Warning: This post may contain some of my political opinions.

I won't go much into detail about the background of this video, only its content.

First off, the punchlines used have been done to death. Eminem should know this, but if you can call a punchline, then the punch FAILED. "Trump is racist." "Trump is orange." "Trump doesn't understand the normal American citizen." "Trump says mean things on Twitter."

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Is your name a reference to this song?

"Splashdown through a silver screen..."

2361067 Now it's getting a bit weird.

2361065 *tickles Silver*:trollestia:

No need to rush. Just take it easy.

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