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Made in honor of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS, this is a group for all things Nintendo. What better game to represent Nintendo than the one that brings them together.

Talk Nintendo and Ponies, post your Nintendo related crossovers, share Nintendo IDs and Friend Codes. Whatever you do, have fun.

Some Rules.
1. Obey site rules. (Duh)
2. Keep things related to either Nintendo or Ponies. (That's what this is for)
3. Nothing that is NSFW. (Instant ban for any of that)
4. Be nice and have fun. (Don't ruin things for others)
5. No console war talk. (Just because this is for Nintendo, doesn't mean you can talk about it being superior. Refer to Rule 4.)
6. Nothing that is NSFW and no clop stories (This is a family friendly group here)

Seeking a good banner and admins.
Working on story folders. Some up now.

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CALLING ALL BRONY SMASHER I FOUND A CLIP THE TITLE IS Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - E3 2018 - Nintendo Switch and it reavel all the fighter and two new one. go watch it see what you think. and the releash date will show to

Just so you mods know. The Pikmin folder is spelled Pikmen for some reason.

hey there, if anyone have super smash bros for 3ds and wiiu there be pin hide behide the cover and you get download code for mewtwo dlc characters and get soundtrack of smash bros for 3ds and wiiu, also how about making my little pony/smash bros for 3ds and wiiu crossover like pony meet old and new characters?

Comment posted by InarJollyhound deleted Jan 14th, 2015

Should i do a play through on youtube of Super smash bros. 64?

hey, i have bad new remember when they say they bring smash bros for wiiu, amiibo and wii u adapter for gamecube contollor? well, their a guy said he try get it but the store only three pack of wii u adapter and he say It was always assumed by some that the Wii U GameCube adapter released for Super Smash Bros. would be a limited time type of deal, but it wasn't outright communicated that it would be this tough to find at launch. After a number of stores were out of stock on the week of release, there was some hope for Amazon customers, with a delayed shipment notification rolling out for December.

Well, as luck wouldn't have it, those shipments are now being canceled in the UK and the US because their "supplier has informed [them] that this item is no longer available." That's a massive bummer, because I can't imagine playing the new Smash with anything but a Wavebird at this point. It's currently going for roughly $100 online, but I hope Nintendo at least opens it up for sale on its website. So nintendo company is not making more wii u adapter for gamecube contollor any more i upset for this

Rule 4 and rule 6 are pretty much the exact same rule.

Just saiyan :rainbowwild:

They be lucky I'm not a clopper.

Comment posted by sonicdash123 deleted Dec 5th, 2014

382735 Mega Man is a Capcom character so he would go in the Guests folder unless someone shows me that he is now owned by Nintendo.

torrmorw is the releash of smash bros wiiu i am getting it what amiibo

Where's Mega man?


Because I never owned the game and only played it once when I was visiting a friend I don't get to visit often.


Though I probably have the least amount of experience with Melee.



I don't own Melee or the original Smash Bros on the N64, but i have managed to play all the Smash Bros Games From N64 - 3DS.

Though I probably have the least amount of experience with Melee.

I Love Super Smash Bros!!!! :yay: I Got Melee on Gamecube and Brawl on Wii. :pinkiehappy:

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