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A group for Bronies who are fans of Super Mario and other nintendo games.

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how do I add a story to a group like the 65 or so Mario stories how do I add mine to those 65
if anyone actually reads this help, please I need a lot of help

I dig it. Unfortunately, that'd take time and I'm busy with like a half dozen other fics while I have my own original writing to work on.

I got a games Super Mario Odyssey and if everyone have the games, why not make a crossover of it like while Mario try save peach from married bowser, twilight and her friends (along new friends from mlp movie and reform Tempest Shadow and along Star Swirl the Bearded and his group and Stygian) told them she got a strange book which lead to another world of a dimensions and star swirl said he never know a spell to do that and the book glow and suck all the group in to the page.

in altra version the human7 (with Juniper Montage) was relax of thios good day when eg pinkie said she have new game and what them to come over her house and play. when they got there she explae what games about and when she put in the slot, the Nintendo switch glow and they too suck in the game whitch same for the other group and Mario got defect from bowser.

when Mario and along the group woke up meet and instuet each other they met cappy and said his sister tira capture by bowser as part of the wedding evil plan. it up Mario, element of harmony, new frinds, legend pony and eg friends to stop bowser from married princess peach by travel the world with Odyssey airship and collet power moon to power up the ship.

Is anyone still active in this group?

This is just epic!

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370970 Because it's not a huge, interactive group, or anything. I just made it so that people can find Mario-related crossovers. If we did more things as a group, then we'd surely have far more members.

Why are there only 62 members in a Mario group? :applejackunsure:

Mario!? YES!!! I knew I would find a group like this somewhere!!

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