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This group contains a My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic and Mario & Luigi Crossover.

The stories must be based on timeline.

Paper Mario characters are only allowed in Mario & Luigi - Paper Jam, as long it's Sticker Star style.

A Mario & Luigi crossover isn't about a title. It's about the series. In Mario & Luigi - Superstar Saga, Cackletta is a main antagonist in that series, Like in below:

List of main villains:
Cackletta (Superstar Saga)
Princess Shroob (Partners in Time)
Fawful (Bowser's inside Story)
Antasma (Dream Team)
Bowser (Paper Jam)

Paper Mario Antagonists aren't allowed:
Grodus (Includes henchmen and minions)
Count Bleck (Henchmen such of as Dimentio and Paper Bowser's brainwashed army)

List of support characters:
Stuffwell (Partners in Time)
Starlow ('Bowser's inside Story' thru 'Paper Jam')
Dreambert (Dream Team)

Here are some changes. Due to the wrong timelines and wrong characters from the Mario series. I modified both folders to get permission from an admin. Both Superstar Saga and Paper Jam, I will modify the rest of the folders if this continues. Submit fanfics carefully.

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I think some should write a story about Luigi and Princess Luna.

I know there were people who doesn't understand this group such as post a fanfic in a wrong folder. But SuperKamek does, this person got a right idea. If there's a story isn't related any of those four, report them to me.

374492 I've played Mario games, and Luigi is my favorite character. I just can't wait to see what stories people might come up with.


I made this group because there's no other Mario & Luigi crossover groups. And I just hope for someone who ever played Mario & Luigi - Bowser's Inside story.

since this is a Mario type group, expect a lot of members. Maybe.

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