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This is a group dedicated to all things Paper Mario. If you are a fan of any of the Paper Mario games, then you'll feel right at home. Feel free to hold discussions about anything Paper Mario related. You're also free to talk about My Little Pony. This is an MLP fanfiction site after all.

The picture above was done by the great UrpleB3atin.

Note: I founded this group because there were no Paper Mario groups on this site (to my knowledge).

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315985 I agree. The game felt like it was a little on the short side and the story was bare-bones.

Kersti wasn't very helpful until the very end. Even though she was all :raritycry: and :raritydespair: about everything I did, somehow she still landed up in my avatar.

Anyone here take requests?

do you think someone could make my pic into a paper mario version?

Thousand Year Door is the best game of all time.

The Thousand Year Door, My First epic story with a thousand year prophecy :pinkiehappy:

315177 Sticker Star is the most...controversial Paper Mario game to date. Whether or not you like it all depends on opinion, frankly.

I myself thought that it was decent. Not as good as the first three games in terms of storyline, IMO, but it does have some gameplay merit.

ARGH. I am going to have to save up a 3DS so I can get Sticker Star. I don't expect it to live up to my expectations, but I hope I'll at least enjoy it.

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