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Switch Swap

What’s up, everyone. I’m a bat-winged alicorn named Switch Swap. I really like making new friends.


Jesus Christ died for every single one of you so that you would be able to live with him and all other Christians for all eternity. All you have to do is believe in Him and his Father, God



Detective Nyx

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  • 163 weeks
    Group up

    The group is up
    Find it here

    98 comments · 1,923 views
  • 163 weeks
    Defense group

    I've been thinking of making a Switch defense group

    Is it possible to make a group like that?

    11 comments · 612 views
  • 163 weeks
    For real this time

    Okay. I've made my decision
    I'm leaving Fimfiction, for real this time

    Don't try to convince me not too, because my mind is made up

    Goodbye everyone

    108 comments · 974 views
  • 163 weeks
    New group

    I created a new group called
    Switch’s group of friends

    14 comments · 371 views
  • 163 weeks
    Changed my mind

    I’ve decided that I won’t be leaving FIMfiction
    I may still not like what I had done, but everyone makes mistakes

    34 comments · 378 views

Group up · 6:26pm Jan 1st, 2021

The group is up
Find it here

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