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Detective Nyx: one of the greatest, and youngest, detectives in all of Equus. She’ll be helping solve mysteries of all kinds.

(I don’t own Nyx. She belongs to Pen Stroke)

Here are the rules
1. No disliking comments. Unless they are hate comments directed towards another user, I won't allow any dislikes on any comments.
2. No joining the group just to spam hate threads or hate comments about it or the other members.
3. No self-promotion about other stories not related to Detective Nyx
4. No profanity
5. No spreading lies about the members of this group
6. No arguments with other members. If anyone is giving you a hard time, inform me or Nosey.
7. No inappropriate comments or threads allowed
8. No starting comment wars with other groups
9. Most importantly, have a good time here.
If anyone breaks the first 8 rules, please tell me or Nosey. I will give them a warning. But if they keep doing it after 2 warnings, I will be banning them temporarily

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Okay. Who clicked the dislike button on almost every single comment?
If they were hate comments, then I would understand why
But they are not, if fact, they are nice and friendly greeting comments

Thx for inviting me

Alrighty, I'm in.

It’s totally fine. I’m just glad that this new series I’m creating is getting so much popularity

I would like to apologize for not being able to join this group yesterday. I've been a little busy.

Glad you joined this group

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