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Are you an artist? Nice! Are you an animator? Even better! Here, we welcome all kinds of creators to share their work and expand their artistic experiences!

Here are a few rules so we can stay orderly!

-Follow ALL fimfiction rules

-Make sure to tag posts appropriately. For example, if you are sharing an animation, you should post it as [Animation].

-DO NOT PLAGIARIZE ANY ART. If it isn't yours, don't post it.

-Don't go out of your way to ask for a request. If someone post a forum post labeled as [Taking Requests], you can ask away! However, any and all forum posts asking for commissions/requests will immediately be locked. Take that to the not-bootleg art group here- Art for Fanfiction

-Be friendly and give constructive criticism! Not everyone is excellent at drawing (lol like me), but that doesn't mean you should go ahead and hit them across the head for not being as good as you! Treat others equally!

-Very limited permanent bans!!! We don't give out permanent bans unless we have to! That's the nice thing about this group!

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I had no idea this group existed.

Guess what I'm working on

I know you didn’t make this “just cuz”
What are you planning?

I was born to be an artist I was gifted to be an artist from my great Nanny and I’m a left hander and please invite Pinkie Clouds

I already like this group!

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