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I'm only interested in two characters. It's Grogar and Cozy Glow!

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  • 73 weeks
    new art

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  • 79 weeks
    I created my own group

    I decided to create my own group dedicated to my history
    I invite everyone to join my group

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  • 81 weeks
    after a long absence returned to writing my story If you have any ideas Suggestions then write them.

    after a long absence returned to writing my story If you have any ideas Suggestions then write them. I need to find more readers i plan to write 2 chapters soon

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  • 105 weeks

    The Great City of Tambelon stands tall, ever watching above all. It is carved and molten from the highest peak of the mountain via long lost magic. What was once a shining prosperous City, is now a mere nightmarish reflektion of its old glory. Misshapen and crooked stand its towers, like spears piercig the heavens above. Its entrance jagged like a gaping maw, ready to swallow all that dare to enter. Giant windowless openings, like dead eyes staring outwards onto the blemished and poisoned

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  • 105 weeks
    My version of Cozy Glow's backstory

    Cozy Glow worst villain I'll explain 1 She has no backstory we don't know anything about her origin ! 2 Lack of motivation we don't know why she is angry she has no purpose and no reason to be so angry! .how do i fix it 1 She'll be from Tambelon this explains why no one knows about her origins! 2 Her Motivation and Purpose is to Liberate Her Hometown Tambelon and Its People!.

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new art · 5:31pm Oct 1st, 2022

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Thanks for the favorite.

Name on Fimfiction
Name of GDoc account
Unique color of text and edits
Mater (Denty)

*********** (idk)
Maters Girlfriend (them lips :p)

*********** (pink <3)
Bad Dragon
Dragor King
*********** (normal black)
Rushed Fame
Black Luck (atm)
*********** (Dark Blue)

Cosmic Cowboy
Cosmic Cowboy
*********** (Purple)
Dismal The Zoner
Dismal The Zoner 
*********** (Blue)
*********** (green)
Shadows of Deity 
Doesn’t Matter (That is my name)
*********** (yellow/orange)

What table?

3133336 They're listed in the table at the bottom.

Good luck on your hunt.

Although I did not find a co-author, but thanks anyway

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