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Welcome to the Bad Art group!

This group is for sharing art that, well, isn't exactly good. It's not for shaming people who draw bad art, mind you. This is where you can share your mistakes, or even bad art you may have drawn deliberately.

You can also help others get better at their art or just draw bad art better. Feel free to post tutorials and give people ideas for how to improve. You can also talk generally about art here, and things related to drawing, post art videos, and such. You can take requests, or post prompt threads, where people draw things badly based on a prompt.

I'll let you post art requests, too, but remember this is the Bad Art group. You may get stick figures or something similar.

I will ask that nothing is NSFW, and I'll be locking flamewars and things like that.

I'm not asking for things to be pony related or even site related, though. Overall, just have fun, and don't worry about the quality of your art!

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Fanart Appreciation Hour


Some one draw ironic bad art about horrible tragedies and put it in this group along with a funny title.

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