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Shadows of Deity

Hi I do things like stupid... oh and I can write music with the remaining brain cells I hold. Please don't ask to hear my life story.

Introduction to my institution

Greetings, I suppose. I'd say it was a pleasure to meet you, but I'm not really meeting you, am I? This is the equivalent of a recorded message, so there's no emotion behind this.

Hmm. I really don't know quite what to say, besides the usual fare. "Hello, I am emo adult! What's your name!"

Well don't answer that, you really can't. Now read my slaves!

I know I may be coming off as a bit... harsh. However, that's just my nature. As emo adult, I am the embodiment of melancholy, desolation, cafard.

There's no more to be said here. Go on, read someone's life story. That's why you're here, isn't it?

Your presence is causing some indignation with umbraged cats. Your petulance ways keeps my kittens away.

I'm just a very bitter entity.

Hi! I'm the deities of shadow! Er, that is to say, I'm the one that manages this specific part of the site. While my slaves and servants don't exist yet, let me tell you, I'm real and so are my cats.

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I hate saying this, but I haven't read it nor can I read it yet. It has to be finished.

Hey, thanks for the tracking ^^ glad you're enjoying Emerald Fires so far. If you could don't forget to give the story a like too, I'm 20 likes away from getting featured :twilightsmile:

I doing well, after my cat died on the 19th, I was put in a cafard, but I'm doing quite well now. At the current moment I'm practice my cello. As for the turtle, I think he survived, died when I was six ... my grandma did not like me then.

I'm doing quite well actually.
I'm currently waiting for my bus since classes are done for today. Then I'll be heading home for the weekend. I'm feeling in a drawy, writy kinda mood, so I'll probably try doing one of those until I get distracted enough, and end up playing league of legends instead.
I've got an alright amount of free time, in a sense. So I'll probably read some the 1128 stories in my read it later library.

I'm pretty happy with something I just rediscovered today though.
I was looking at music on youtube and found some of those videos where they mash together songs. I love mixing things so I've been binging through those for most of the noon.

Thanks for asking. How about you?

PS. was the turtle ok?

uh ... hold up I got to get you in the mood for my life story.

My life began in my mother's womb, it's were I was developed to my human form. I did all sorts of things, I've put a turtle in a coffee machine ... that's all I remember strange enough ... but moving on. My life before my schooling began was interesting, I cut someone's ear in half, beat them up ... you know what let's just skip my early years ... I don't remember all to much. All I know is that I was a violent kid.

My middle school life was filled with sex jokes and all of that ... my high school was me being depressed from me being in marching band. College was fun and boring at the same time. Lectures were stalling my brain cells ... I couldn't walk straight, I was drunk on information but hey, I got a job out of it but wasted 8 years of my life right there.

I went to berklee college of music, but I moved to FL.

Now my life is better since I'm more free to do as I please. Now if you excuse me I'm removing the life story thing. I don't remember all to well what I've done. Since I finish my "life story" let's move on to something else, such as how are you doing?.

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