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This may or may not be (but totally is) an alt account. Here, I write porn. Enjoy!


Minor name change (Vraddock to Ink Ribbon) · 9:22pm Jan 23rd, 2021

Hey there everyone! Just updating my name/profile picture slightly for consistency with my main account. Vraddock was previously kind of faceless and anonymous, while Ink RIbbon actually has a character. Speaking of;

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Originally through the phrase "strach und mond"; but you could also have read this post.

Why thank you. You've been a big help. How'd you find out about it?

Don't know why they never responded, but in case you never found the other account: it's this one.

2339703 You mentioned that you have another separate account apart from this one. Might i ask where that other account might be or if there are multiple accounts other than this one?

Also, who would say is your favorite character from FiM and why? What about them do you find to be the most relateable to you?

Really, really terribly sorry I took so long to respond to this! (I partially blame Fimfiction's stupid "if you don't check your messages inside of a certain timeframe we'll delete the notification" thing. But yes, commissions have opened, very cheap ones, you can find the blog post here: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/690307/opening-up-cheap-commissions

Not sure why they didn't answer, but they currently don't. They've already committed to about 10 different projects for various people; and they've said they don't want to take up commissions until they know they can complete them within a reasonable timespan.

Speaking of which, Vraddock: Kaidan posted recently about the attitude he takes to getting stories done. Not sure whether that's the sort of thing you'd find helpful. (Admittedly it's not quite the same when it's a project for someone else and you have to worry about whether it meets their standards and expectations; but I imagine they're usually lower than your own.)

No problem keep making stories like the latest one you did and i cant wait to read more of them :)

Hey, do you take comissions? I'd love to get something comissioned from you some time, if that's okay.

Not really, no. Sorry. I've tried, and it just wasn't my thing.

Hey, would you ever be interested in rp?

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