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We are the elements of randomness... I "Shadows of Deity"... am the Element of Nazism and hold the power of this group... "Bad Dragon" is the Element of Open-mindedness... he's also our therapist. The mysterious and curious "The Mysterious" is the Element of Reality. Now... for the mightiest of the polearms... the "Mighty Polearrrrrm", this polearm is the Element of Bottled water, the mightiest of the elements. Our 5th element is the very muffin of mystery, "TheMysteryMuffin" his mystery muffin is the Element of Imagination... THE mastermind if all our evil deeds and stuff... I think he just sits all day taking our funds. With that, we have our next element... the Element of Honor, Equstarte Marine Sebaste... the soldier of doom himself... likes tea-parties. So if you need a tea-party come on down to Equstarte Marine Sebaste town... we sell the best tea.

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Pretty good!
Not much yet, but I flesh it out.

you never know. . .
how's your day going?

I was just joking.

ummm. . . not sure how I can help. Turn it off and back on again?

I need help plugging my computer in.

need any help with that or are you good?

For the group :p

discord server?

I kind of need to check this daily or I will put my effort to waste.

Yep, I read that once it is finished, my friend.

Well, I am an editor and pre-reader for anyone who needs one. We collect an story and throw it in the selve, and I need to make a server for the group.

good to here
anyways, what is it exactly y'all do?

Oh, right, have to fix some of that.

that was the goal.

I came in, read the place's description, and was immediately bewildered.

What the buck?

Not sure if the situations in my story are considered random, but...its in there:twilightsheepish:.

Hope you enjoy:twilightsmile:.

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