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We are the elements of randomness... I "Shadows of Deity"... am the Element of Nazism and hold the power of this group... "Bad Dragon" is the Element of Open-mindedness... he's also our therapist. The mysterious and curious "The Mysterious" is the Element of Reality. Now... for the mightiest of the polearms... the "Mighty Polearrrrrm", this polearm is the Element of Bottled water, the mightiest of the elements. Our 5th element is the very muffin of mystery, "TheMysteryMuffin" his mystery muffin is the Element of Imagination... THE mastermind if all our evil deeds and stuff... I think he just sits all day taking our funds. With that, we have our next element... the Element of Honor, Equstarte Marine Sebaste... the soldier of doom himself... likes tea-parties. So if you need a tea-party come on down to Equstarte Marine Sebaste town... we sell the best tea.

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Not sure if the situations in my story are considered random, but...its in there:twilightsheepish:.

Hope you enjoy:twilightsmile:.

Hey guys, you can put your stories here, if you don't... I'll probably do it for you :D

I approve 👍 Thanks!

Disengage the cat thruster, fire the cuteness.
We'll all admins

I'm trying to figure out how to make you guys higher in the chain of the damned, I haven't figure that out.

While I spent some time and found out how to do that thing, 2:00 am bed night.

So, if I may list these out:

Shadows of Deity- the Element of Nazism (Group Admin)
Bad Dragon- the Element of Open-Mindedness
The Mysterious- the Element of Reality
Mighty Polearm- the Element of Bottled Water
TheMysteryMuffin- the Element of Imagination


Nice, thanks for the invite!

Need to find one more person, than I can. Open us to the public. I have already ask just working for a response. As soon as we're open, our direction is... search for random stories and either d-mat worthy or just don't even at it you don't actually have to actively search you can just do whatever you want really.

  • Viewing 1 - 11 of 11
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