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Lucky Star Kona-chan

Hi guys, the name's Lucky Star or Kona-chan in my human form, I like games and anime but I'm not a hardcore fan of either.

Ocs I made or re-drew for other people.

Blog Posts

  • 129 weeks
    New Cover

    Nothing much just made an actual cover for the story, I may do the same for the others some other time.

    Also had the help of the best angel ever Speckle

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  • 155 weeks
    The muffin queen of Miracles

    The time for best pone arrived, always special thanks to my sweet Speckle for helping out and making it a fun experience, I couldn't have done it without her.

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  • 173 weeks
    The time for Knowledge has come owo

    Finally it is Twilight's turn to enjoy the digi-powers, as always super duper special thanks to my adorable Speckle. She always inspires these works and helps get them to completion, I love you sweetie :twilightsmile:

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  • 179 weeks
    The Great and Powerful Element of Light!

    Now it was light's turn to shine, no pun intended. With the great cooperation of my sweet Speckle :3 of course. Otherwise this would have not been possible.

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  • 180 weeks
    The Element of Hope :3

    Now it was Hope's turn to be wielded by a pony, and the result was quite interesting to say the least, let me know what you think down below :twilightsmile:

    Special thanks to my adorable Speckle for all the hard work she put into helping get this one become a reality, thanks sweetie. I love you :heart:

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Stuff I made

My Little Digi-Cat New Cover

Element of Miracles Derpy Hooves

Element of Knowledge Twilight Sparkle

Element of Light Trixie Lulamoon

Element of Hope Starlight Glimmer

Element of Reliability Applejack

Element of Love Rarity

Element of Purity Fluttershy

Element of Courage Pinkie Pie

Element of Friendship Rainbow Dash.

Cover for Lucky Rose's story Daughter of the Night.

Full Size avatar me and the adorable Specks use.

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XD, and, OH, so you're the BOYFRIEND of Speckle? Aw, and Cool! Nice to hear from you as well!

Hello Kiki, good to know about you. Also no, we are not the same, we just share the same profile picture showing our OCs :derpytongue2:.

The main reason being, that she's the angel I love so much :twilightsmile:

Hi, my dude! I'll be on Discord this weekend, godwilling! I've been busy, but I think I can make it this time, LOL.

Wait...are you and Speckle the same person?

  • Viewing 105 - 109 of 109
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