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Hi guys, the name's Lucky Star or Kona-chan in my human form, I like games and anime but I'm not a hardcore fan of either.



This story is a sequel to Chibi Flan's Foalsitter

Flan returns to Equestria. That's great!

She meets with a new pony. That's curious.

That pony is Trixie. That's interesting.

She doesn't bite her. That's nice of her.

Twilight will probably be salty. That's a fact.

Hey! :twilightangry2:

Oh and Starlight is over there doing... stuff. I'm not sure, but who cares?

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Un buen comienzo de esta segunda historia tuya animo en todo !tu puedes¡

No se si lo he dicho en algún lado o has adivinado que puedo hablar español, o tal ves alguien te lo dijo, no se x3.

Pero gracias :twilightsmile:

La verdad no tenia ni idea, con suerte se que no se leer ingles o hablarlo.

But Flan was still doing those sounds; her cheeks were getting a soft red tint into them, she stopped for a moment and looked to the ground. After a few seconds she looked up to Starlight again with a deep blush and a determined stare.

“Flan is sowwy!” Flan said with closed eyes due to the embarrassment she was feeling right now.

TO MUCH CUTE! HHHNNNGGG! *Grabs heart and falls to the ground*

..... *clutches heart and falls to the ground* Flan... to adorable....bleh

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