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I like pastel little horses. And Sunset Shimmer. Especially the human one. And I hack ponies into Final Fantasy - https://www.fimfiction.net/group/209828/filly-fantasy-vi


With the breakthrough of the radio in Equestria comes a new medium through which one can reach out to the masses and help with their problems. Determined to help as many ponies as she can, Starlight begins Equestria's first call-in radio program to give ponies an outlet to vent their frustrations and seek wisdom and guidance.

Surely an open forum for anyone to call in asking for help can only result in good!

Chapters are standalone drabbles.

Chapters (2)
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Hello, Fraiser Crane!

I was wondering who would use this idea first.

Starlight rubbed her forehead before depressing the button on her microphone.

"Hello, caller. I'm listening," said Starlight, murmuring a short series of expletives under her breath involving rainbows, pies, and large hammers.

"Please help," came a distressed voice from the other side, breathing heavily. "My name is—u-uhh—Schlining Schlarmor. I've barricaded myself in my Horse Cave, because my wife has gone COMPLETELY INSANE!"

"Whoa, whoa, stay calm! What do you mean she's gone insane? What's happened?"

"I-It wasn't my fault! I was just asking a mare we passed by for the time! But then she turned around a-and—I didn't even look at her flanks for that long! Like, two seconds, maybe!"

A loud crash came from somewhere in the caller's background.

"That hussy thinks she's got it better than me to try and flirt with you like that?" shouted the vaguely familiar voice of an angry mare. "We're not resting until I show her that I can make you squeal!"

"Oh goddesses, help me!"

There was another, softer crash, then the line went dead. Starlight glanced at Trixie, hoping for some semblance of an explanation, but she was equally as confused; and a little mortified.

Starlight slid down from her seat. "I'm going on break."

Yeah I think a lot of us old people immediately thought Frasier when they heard that line in the episode.

:rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy: This is a brilliant little story, and it sounds like something Pinkie and Rainbow might do if they weren't bound by the show's demographic. Nice job!

Nice one.

And whenever Starlight has to call in sick, Twilight takes her place with the slogan, "Let's get better!"

How many prank calls does this station get, I wonder?

The only part I didn't like about this story was the "Complete" tag. We need more! When is Starlight's Dad going to move in with his ratty chair? Who will Niles be? How many more prank calls will Pinkie and Rainbow pull off?

Well, since Starlight is Frasier, then I'm all for Sunburst and Moondancer as Niles and Daphne. Of course, Maris is Chrysalis and Lilith would have to be Maud's Twigbanger coltfriend or what'shisname. Ad if Martin isn't Cranky Doodle Donkey or Sombra, I'll be mad :D

Also, well done rolling all Frasier booth tropes into one story.

But I don't know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs...

Since we were fillies.

A+ staying in character.

Lovely stuff. Looking forward to more.

8973244 We've crossed Pony with "Frasier"... now we must become even more retro and do a "Cheers" crossover with Berry Punch as a washed up hoofball player now running a bar in Chicoltgo.

If I weren't reading this in the library, I'd be laughing my butt off. :rainbowlaugh:

XD Poor Starlight.


If there were phones in Equestria nopony would be safe from Rainbow and Pinkie.

This is everything I’ve ever wanted:yay:

Martin is obviously Spike.

More will come as I have ideas :twilightsmile:

I read all of Starlight's lines in Kelsey Grammer's voice, and all of Trixie's lines were in Peri Gilpin's voice. Stellar job.

BTW, most of the callers on Frasier were actually very famous Hollywood actors.

This was lacking an opening so I decided to fix that for you

...Is it me or does Starlight in the cover art have really fat thighs?

8973795 But I can't think of a way to ponicize Boston. Chicago is pretty much the same. Just more murders. :trollestia:

So far the only close thing to a Fraiser/mlp crossover story

Turag isn't the artist though. It's Bobthedalek. Although that is his style, yes.

This reminds me of the phone episode in the Vinyl Scratch Tapes.

this was a wonderful bit of silliness thank you

I have to admit that this IS a fairly funny first chapter. :-D I LOVED the exchanges, characterization and humor in this. Darn good Affectionate Parody of Fraiser. I particularly liked the Double-Subversion as far as the prank call went.

Other possible callers for future chapters:

1. Diamond Tiara calling on advice on how to be a better friend to Silver Spoon (i.e. she WAS my friend and I would like for her to be again, but I respect that it has to be her decision. I just need advice on how to be a better friend.") as well as try to do a better job making NEW friends.

2. Carrot Cake frustrated concerning all the false accusations of his wife Cup cheating on him that have been persisting since the twins were born and looking for advice on how to put an end to those rumors once and for all.

3. Firelight calling, not because of a problem, but just to try to keep in touch with his daughter (there could even be something where Firelight starts out "Hi there Pum - er I mean, Starlight. Sorry, I really AM trying.")

4. Princess Luna calling to invite both Starlight and Trixie to attend a support group for reformed villains ("And, if you get the chance, make sure to tell Discord that HE is ESPECIALLY invited.")

5. Spike calling looking for advice on how to deal with choosing between Rarity and Ember.

6. Chrysalis calling to make a comically-over-the-top "revenge threat" (with some "near-disaster" scenes very shortly afterwards that have Starlight dodging some really bad stuff by split-seconds and mere inches)

7. Fluttershy basically asking Starlight what kind of a pet she would want if she ever chose to get one.

8. Cadance calling to basically try to set Starlight up on a date with Sunburst.

and 9. Lyra calling on advice concerning stuff about Bon Bon's past that she is "not at liberty to discuss directly"

Of course, I can completely understand if you don't like any of these ideas. But, one way or the other, I'll definitely be looking forward to more as soon as you have the ideas and writing time.

Is it bad that in my head I alternated between GlimGlam and Fraiser Crain's Voice?

8975563 Oh, I kinda use that for Pipsqueak's home country: Great Breton, from the city of Trottington.

8975730 Eh, whichever. I didn't know there was a consensus on which way to use it.

maybe there is
maybe there isn't


sorry if I am being foalish

8976095 The proper pronunciation is... 'blargle'.

It's French.


i don't know french
but i know some german

saw the picture, caught the Frasier reference.

Again, this is some darn funny stuff. Thanks for getting the next chapter stuff. :-D

I absolutely loved Starlight's exchanges with Maud in this chapter as she tried to explain certain things to Maud .

I'll most assuredly be looking forward to more.

:rainbowlaugh: Good Lord, that was fun. I can only begin to imagine who may call in next...

Could be worse, could be Starlight's dad or Sunburst's mom calling.

Would be interesting if Chrysalis actually called in for something and it not backfiring on her in someway.

That would be awkward.

This can only end in mushroom clouds.

Hey baby, I hear the blues are callin' tossed salads and scrambled eggs (Mercy).

And maybe I seem a bit confused - well maybe - but I've got you pegged! Ha ha!

But I still don't know what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs....

They're callin' again. :trixieshiftright:

Tossed salad and scrambled eggs all over my place. What is a filly to do?

Starlight has left the building.

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