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Double pixel design for the boss · 8:25am Last Thursday

So, I scaled up the "art" design og the boss from 1 pixel into 4 for more detail, messed around, and here's the comparison.

Nameless Library universe

Imbalanced storyline

1) Imbalanced
2) Horn and Wings (links to what is needed from the other two stories are in the corresponding chapters.)
+ 2a) Diplomatic Relations (Twilight's and Nightmare's role in the events of Horn and Wing's.)
+ 2b) Heroes, Villains, and the Useless Guys (Changelings camping in Ponyville.)
3) No Rest for the Traitor
4) Thawing the Frozen Heart
+ 4a) To the skies! (Icy Gaze's role in the events of Frozen Heart)
5) The Third Diary
6) Dawn of the Silver Sun
7) Corrupted Lands
8) Imbalanced: New Age
9) Imbalanced: Legacy of Light

Silver Sun storyline

1) Dawn of the Silver Sun
2) Shine of the Silver Sun

Standalone stuff, but still the same world (references to other stories, but readable as is)

1) Heroes, Villains, and the Useless Guys
2) Hard to Find the Right Words
3) An Exercise In Management
4) Happiness is What You Make of It
5) Corrupted Lands

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Luck Has NOTHING to do with it
Just pure skill

Well, sometimes I get lucky with words.

Let me just tell you that you are amazing at this

No rush, it's not going anywhere.

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