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Reading order/list is on the profile page. Grab a book and don't mind me. I just mop the floors here, and put boards over the plot holes.


The next chapter of Silver Sun changelings · 6:06pm November 18th

Sooo, I'm in a bit of a pickle. The next chapter is turning out to be LONG, like two chapters long. I can't particularly split it, but it would be nice to have a chapter written a month ahead to take a break or a more leisure pace. I think I can afford to slow down since the monthly pace has buried pretty much any reader growth anyway. :rainbowlaugh: So that's what I'm pondering. It's the resolution of both the nomad bandit situation and the requested DOOM chapter. I originally wanted to split

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Nameless Library universe

1) Imbalanced
2) Horn and Wings (links to what is needed from the other two stories are in the corresponding chapters.)
+ 2a) Diplomatic Relations (Twilight's and Nightmare's role in the events of Horn and Wing's.)
+ 2b) Heroes, Villains, and the Useless Guys (Changelings camping in Ponyville.)
3) No Rest for the Traitor
4) Thawing the Frozen Heart
+ 4a) To the skies! (Icy Gaze's role in the events of Frozen Heart)
5) The Third Diary
6) Dawn of the Silver Sun
7) Corrupted Lands
8) Imbalanced: New Age
9) Imbalanced: Legacy of Light

Silver Sun storyline

1) Dawn of the Silver Sun
2) Shine of the Silver Sun

Standalone stuff, but still the same world (references to other stories, but readable as is)

1) Heroes, Villains, and the Useless Guys (part of the Imbalanced storyline, but readable as-is)
2) Hard to Find the Right Words
4) Happiness is What You Make of It
5) Corrupted Lands (part of the Imbalanced storyline, but readable as-is)
6) Rumors, bits, and pieces. (Semi-CYOA. Currently waiting for prompt.)

Love bugs

1) An Exercise In Management
2) Halls of the Changeling King

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It's very depressive character well, not so, but spoilers from very depressive game, so... I knew that the type would fit

Add glasses, lose some weight and height, drop the guns, add copious amounts of wine, and a completely different haircut, but the general tone would work.

Time for hard jokes.
Considering what are we are know about NA and Blaze and his old works I think I found a picture of NA
Sorry if I offended anyone

Well, in that case I hope you're not depressed any more. Cause I don't know if I can handle your depressing yet adicting stories. :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiehappy:

I wrote most of them while suicidally depressed.

Wait, was I awesome at the time then too?

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