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What next? · 7:57pm May 12th

I don't know if I've mentioned this in a comment or not, but I've finished "They're home." The weekly updates will continue until the end, although I'll be messing around with upload times just to show the story on the "Recently updated" front page to people visiting the site at various times. It should be roughly six more chapters. As for major events and depth of feeling, this one is more about tying all the loose ends from previous two stories of the trilogy rather than setting up tons of

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Nameless Library universe

1) Imbalanced
2) Horn and Wings (links to what is needed from the other two stories are in the corresponding chapters.)
+ 2a) Diplomatic Relations (Twilight's and Nightmare's role in the events of Horn and Wing's.)
+ 2b) Heroes, Villains, and the Useless Guys (Changelings camping in Ponyville.)
3) No Rest for the Traitor
4) Thawing the Frozen Heart
+ 4a) To the skies! (Icy Gaze's role in the events of Frozen Heart)
5) The Third Diary
6) Dawn of the Silver Sun
7) Corrupted Lands
8) Imbalanced: New Age
9) Imbalanced: Legacy of Light

Silver Sun storyline

1) Dawn of the Silver Sun
2) Shine of the Silver Sun
3) Changelings In Silver Sunlight

Standalone stuff, but still the same world (references to other stories, but readable as is)

1) Heroes, Villains, and the Useless Guys (part of the Imbalanced storyline, but readable as-is)
2) Hard to Find the Right Words
4) Happiness is What You Make of It
5) Corrupted Lands (part of the Imbalanced storyline, but readable as-is)
6) Rumors, bits, and pieces. (Semi-CYOA. Currently waiting for prompt.)
7) Crazies

Love bugs

1) An Exercise In Management
2) Halls of the Changeling King
3) Changelings In Silver Sunlight

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I'm not sure what to say, really. I'm glad you're enjoying my little word salad.

A rewrite? G5?
That would be interesting, but I personally would like the original also being posted as "non-canon" with a "canceled" tag as well... but I obviously understand if you don't want to or can't. 
I'm sure some wouldn't see a point to it anyway. But it would be a shame, all those ideas and efforts lost. A possibility erased. Eh... I guess I'm just too attached. 

In my opinion it's a bit beyond grim, as it stands. 
But that is merely opinion, and perhaps I need to think more positively.

Drone stories?
Oh yes, I absolutely LOVE your changelings regardless... but especially Beard and CO. I admit, I am a little... VERY biased...

I would be lying if I said I wasn't biased. 
I'd be lying if I said I didn't want things to turn out better for Silver Sun and Beardy and CO. 
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't wanting to see Beardy and CO, maybe even help fix things... for everyone to get along with them... for their hard work to have paid off big.

I may just be a reader, and I know I should not EXPECT or WANT things; I should just enjoy the story... but it's hard. I have grown quite attached to them, you see. You have done VERY well in this regard. I really want to see more of them going forward; even though I know everything ends eventually, and not everything ends with sunshine and rainbows.

If there is hope, I will wait as long as it takes. If there is no hope, I will still hope. If nothing comes of it, I will enjoy what I have... but still dream of more. Because, a universe never truly ends; It keeps going. 
I LOVE universes like this and they are often my favorite stories/series, but they are also very hard to write and many even don't get finished properly... like Freeport, the series that made me want to create an account here in the first place.

So I understand your desire for a definitive "end" to be in place.

I apologize for bothering you. 
Seriously, thank you for your wonderful work, and I look forward to reading more numbskull numbers and delightful drones soon. Oh, and re-reading the... narratorverse, Is it called? 

And thank you for the detailed reply, I hope I didn't come off as trying to pry or pressure. 

I understand that, but if I want to write a good ending or keep going with Blaze's story, then I want it to make sense and fit with the world, which was something I couldn't have done. I'm hoping that G5, with the disappearance of magic and ruination of the world, might be a situation which I can build towards as a result of the massive void rift used to destroy the ultimate god and Celestia's terrible screw-up with Blaze and Cromach. After months of being unable to continue it, I reread it and saw the problems it had clearly and had no idea how to fix them without rewriting certain parts of the story from the beginning. Gem-Magpie and Three-Thirteen plotlines were okay, but the overall feel of the destroyed and freezing, sunless world and the mystery of what was happening in the Griffon Empire was a bit too underdveloped and poorly written, and it was supposed to be the main driving force. Plus, in case anything happened that made me stop writing, I wanted the main storyline to have an ending, which it has now, even if it's a grim one.
In short, I'm hoping to eventually do a rewrite which connects my verse of G4 to G5, but for that I'll need to at least have some lore that G5 series provides. And finally, from a purely utilitarian perspective, the enjoyment and engagement the drone fics that I'm writing now seem to bring is much mroe rewarding.

I was gone from fimfic for a long time. I was admittedly excited to see how it was going.
So far I'm liking "they're everywhere"... but I am admittedly sad to see this. I really love the hug bug himself, and I was hoping to re-read "one hug bug"... there was so much hope there, and I thought it's potential was beautiful.

Well... alright. I will hold out hope to see it again some day... but if not, I completely understand.
I STILL haven't written any of the stories I said I was going to...

I... admit I'm not a big fan of the idea of artists taking down their work. I know it's THEIR'S... but...
At least on hiatus, or even canceled, I can look back at it and imagine how it would go. Imagine how many ways the universe would spin the tale... or at least enjoy what is there and be inspired by it.

I really wish I could have downloaded it before it was gone...
I think I will go on a downloading binge...

You could've just put it on hiatus as others.

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