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No update next week for They're Everywhere. · 7:29am April 21st

When I was walking home from work, I passed window cleaners on the high floors of a building and those morons didn't use any markings or dividers to keep people from the area like they usually do. I can't wear my glasses outside with the damn mask and I can't see squat without those. Some of cleaning liquid sprayed into my eye and it's been hurting since Monday. I can barely look at the monitor at work, much less write now, so I can't write the next chapter. Maybe it'll get better in time and

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A neat detail about the Crystal Heart. · 6:53pm April 4th

I randomly caught a MLP episode "The Crystalling" on derpy tv and I noticed a detail I completely missed so far. The book about the Crystal Heart says that every time the crystal ponies have a foal, they find a special gem and the crystaller "adds" it to the Crystal Heart. When the Crystal Heart shatters, it breaks into even fragments, the same looking fragments which Sunburst uses as a Crystaller for the final ceremony. That means the Crystal Heart is made of the Crystalling gemstones

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Expect delays. · 7:50am February 3rd

New project is starting at work and I've been mega busy. I haven't been able to write anything and the buffer for One Hug Bug I had is gone too. Right now, I have no idea about how frequently I'm going to be updating anything.
Sorry for that.

But hey, more time to catch up on other stories from my world if anything interests you.
Also, if you haven't done it, read Hard Reset. Best story ever.

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"They're EVERYWHERE!" got featured. · 11:46am January 18th

Just dropping it here so that I don't forget immediately. It's been a while, and it's important to celebrate the little things.
Was the last featured one Halls of the Changeling King? I think so.

Yay, wohoo, and so on.

Edit: The moment it gets featured, some little b*tch drops a downvote without any explanation. Assuming the usual "I want this written differently but I can't write anything" reason.


Cyberpunk 2077 is awesome. · 3:04pm Dec 25th, 2020

So, I accidentally answered a message from Meredith Stout from Militech which led to us banging and me acquiring a combat dildo for my blunt weapon character.
Some things in life just happen.


Changeling power rankings - final · 8:44am Nov 19th, 2020

I don't know if it shows in everything I write these days but I feel as if I'm just mechanically writing without any real soul put into it. It's been getting worse and wirse since the end of Legacy of Light (or the beginning, really). Maybe I just need to finish Blazing's storyline and focus on something else, hard to say. I tried something weird with Crazies but even that didn't feel much like the usual side-story I used to do while writing Blazing's storyline.

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Beautiful fanart for "Hard To Find The Right Words" · 1:10pm Oct 25th, 2020

Absolutely beautiful fanart of Puff and Half-Hearted Fury from Hard To Find The Right Words. The monochrome theme is perfect for the blind POV of the story. Fun fact - it's the second piece of fanart I ever got, so WOHOO!
Drawn by: CitreneSkys / PaintedSNEK
Link to DeviantArt below.

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My attempt at a one-shot · 9:18am Sep 15th, 2020

Did I ever try a one-shot? I'm not sure at this point but I tried now. Feel free to check it out. 5-ish k words, no biggie. Could use an opinion.
It's here.

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Pony town - Gem · 7:21pm Jul 2nd, 2020


Pony town - Thirteen · 7:39pm Apr 22nd, 2020

Considering that "One Hug Bug" is the ongoing story, I probably should have led with Three and Thirteen, but better late than never.
Anyway, do you know what would Three transform into if exposed to gamma radiation?
The incredible Hug-lk!
Alright, I'm gonna end myself after that.


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