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Let's try something completely new · 7:17pm Yesterday

I've managed to write a decent chunk of They're home and it's just sitting in my google docs.

Anyone interested in pre-reading it and doing some literary criticism?

I would upload it in full chapter chunks here and leave it accessible through unpublished view password. Genuine interest only, mainly because just reading it early really won't give you anything.


G5: Make Your Mark chapter 5 · 8:42pm September 18th

Unlike in the previous chapters, I don't have much to say, really. I think chapter 4 was better, but not because of superior writing, rather due to focus on plot lines I personally found critical. I'm glad they decided to go with double agent Misty like I wrote in my opinion of Ch4. As for the writing itself, I think Ch 5 is the best so far, and by a LOT, mostly due to containing almost no unnecessary nonsense brought on by characters being dumb. The vast majority of the chapter is Misty's

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New story? Oh goop! Here we go again. · 8:13pm August 10th

Not much to say here - Drones 3, the finale.
Let's go once the auto approval queue sorts it!


2 questions · 7:44pm July 21st

Hello! I usually asked, after finishing a story, whether you prefer the format of short chapters with higher update frequency (weekly or shorter) or long chunks (2 weeks to month). The answer mostly was "both are okay" but in the end that didn't help me figure out what I wanted to know, so this time I'd like to know something different:

1) How did you stumble upon my stories?
2) Did you move onto a different story of mine once the one that brought you here ended?

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G5: Make Your Mark chapter 4 · 7:53pm June 7th

So, it's that time again. Make Your Mark chapter 4 is out and I've managed to snort the episodes. I've been extremely critical of previous chapters and while after some rewatching and thought my opinion of them improved a bit, they're still sub-par at best.

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No update this week · 8:21am May 2nd

Sorry, there won't be any update this week, not sure about the next. Just mentally dead, sorry.

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No update this week · 6:08am March 13th

I've been sick most of last week and I don't have any buffer, so no update this week.
Wouldn't it be great if you could just be physically sick without the mental fog?
Anyway, I'm almost okay, but I'm at work again and I've got a week's backlog to work through.

I know I'm already slow. Sorry.

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The hot streak continues! A new cover for Imbalanced. · 9:07am February 18th

So, I'm still not sure how this happened, but ProjectRabbid created another story cover, this time for Imbalanced of all stories.

There's not much to say about what Imbalanced is to me, not the overall storyline but the first story itself, that I haven't said already.

So, just thank you.


Thank you, ProjectRabbid, for cover art for Dawn Of The Silver Sun. · 8:08pm February 12th

Good news, everypony!

Thanks to ProjectRabbid, my story "Dawn Of The Silver Sun" now has a fantastic cover art, and Straw Basket now has a visual reference!

Now, as much as I'm trying, Fimfiction is refusing to recognize an imgur url as valid url, so please check the artwork on the Dawn of the Silver Sun story page above.

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End of 2022 summary · 11:29am Dec 31st, 2022

So, 2022 was sbout 2 stories - "They're Everywhere" and "They're On Holiday".

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