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Updates: Weekly, hopefully.
Don't think about this too much, it hurts the squishy sponge.
WOO, FEATURED! 18.1.2020

The only thing that's known about changelings in general is that they came from the Badlands and that they eat love. Oh right, and that their queen is evil, cool, and certainly does not star in some of the wilder pony dreams.
Not much, is it?
The thing is, it's not as if they know too much themselves. For example, how many of them there really were? How many of them survived the invasion? How silly was it to attempt to disrupt princess Celestia's cake supply?
No one can fully answer such burning questions. Only one thing is for certain - they're now everywhere, and they all have their own stories to tell, some long, some short, some violent, some silly, some happy. Changelings all over the place.
Not every creature minds, though.

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Tight Spot wakes up at night, gets thirsty, and goes for a drink.
That's all.
Also, every proper party requires a tank and a rogue.

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This story is a sequel to Imbalanced: Legacy of Light

The world is as close to the apocalypse as it could be without blowing up for real. Equestria's surface is filled with dangerous creatures known as Corrupted, now the sun and stars have disappeared for who knows what reason. Granted, most of that is lost on the members of a small changeling hive travelling south from the Everhoof Range through a vast network of ancient underground tunnels build by dwarf ponies legendary to the most of the world. Well, not so legendary to the changelings who have spent the last two hundred and fifty years living with them until being forced to leave their ancestral home by unfortunate circumstances.
However, while the surface problems aren't a big deal to both the dwarves and the northern changelings, there's one of them who just can't stand seeing other creatures sad, no matter who they might be. Equipped with his booksy, his crayons, and maybe the Big Friendship Gun, the changeling sets on a trip to un-apocalypse the world.

The ling, the legend, the buggo whose name whispered in the ancient languages of the darkest times means "the one who hugs".
(The Nameless Library takes no responsibility for false advertising or unclear marketing messages)

- comments, criticism, wishes, ideas, and any involvement are always appreciated.

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This story is a sequel to Halls of the Changeling King


Updates: Weekly-ish.

The boss and his little hive are back one final time, sticking their chitinous noses where they don't belong on complete accident. Now they'll have to deal with an organization of specialists responsible for purging darkness that would make paladins hide under their beds - Order of the Silver Sun.

Two years after them finding home in the dwarven underground city of Brauheim, a unique opportunity presents itself, the opportunity to make their case and intentions clear to the surface world. Can the group of changelings who previously made enemies in the highest places prove that all they want is peace and...

...okay, to eat love, punch bad guys, and in some cases toy with the minds of ponies.

Let's take a step back. Can the boss finally prove to everyone that all HE wants for his hive is safety and peace?

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This story is a sequel to An Exercise In Management

- Huh, featured on 27.11. by chapter THREE. I smell black magics!

The little drone who made his way into becoming the loved and respected boss of his tiny hive has been through a lot, good or bad. He found friends, purified the hive mind of furious and toxic echoes of the ancient changeling rulers, and even earned respect of Chrysalis herself (well, the echo of her imprinted inside the hive mind).

He was so close to building peace in the big city of Las Pegasus as a scary and somewhat sexy tourist attraction (love and lust go hoof in hoof, of course), but in the end Celestia's paladins found him and his friends, deeming them a threat to Equestria which had to be purged with no mercy. Unable to help protect his hive due to undergoing physical metamorphosis into a proper king, he was left in the care of Eight, and carried off who knows where along with his cocoon while the paladins rampaged through their hideout.

Now his hibernation is over, and it is time for the boss to either find anyone who might have survived, or enact his revenge on the paladin leading the hunt for him - Star Trail.

(Suggestions or any comments are always welcome.)

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This story is a sequel to Imbalanced: New Age

WT-FEATURED? 2.3.2020 (How did that happen?)

War is raging on the continent of Zebrica where a new warlord has risen, using immensely powerful magic to subjugate clans and countries.

In Equestria, conspiracies tying princess Celestia to Corrupted are running rampant, princess Luna is investigating an ancient alicorn legacy pertaining to entities called only 'the enemy' and 'the herald', and princess Twilight Sparkle is trying to keep Equestria together despite the rising panic.

In the Griffon Empire, both Black Ops and Imperial armies are in a losing battle against spreading Corrupted territories transforming the land.

And knowing nothing about any of that, there's Harriet, a young dragonpony in the Griffon Empire whose life is about to be shattered by a group of ponies seeking something from her father's hoard that would make all the previous threats to peace a small beer.

UPDATES: Hopefully monthly.

EDIT: Added AU tag, since this takes place some three hundred years (give or take) after Twilight's alipopcornification.

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!!Woo, featured on 16.10.2018!! Thanks everyone.

It was supposed to be simple. After drone 200234 learned about the incoming invasion into ponyland's capital city of ponytown, or whatever the thing was called, his only dream consisted of finding a pony to suck (that's what we do, right?). Changeling drones normally don't own anything, nor are they allowed to take love on their own from captured prisoners, that is for infiltrators or warriors (smug buggers). Anyway, a drone's job is to do what it's told. So, this little guy ended up in a much unwanted position of leadership.

How? Well, it started like this...

(Suggestions or any comments are always welcome.)
AU - added AU tag for the origin of changelings story.

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Your name is Frosty Mug. You worked hard, and now you've arrived in the city of Pine Hills famous for the steady flow of adventurers, explorers, and tourists on their way to explore the Badlands, hunt wild beasts, or do something with that rumored huge glowing portal in the fortress situated in the main square. You've got some kegs of beer, some wine bottles, and a deed in your hooves.

You're not the hero going on crazy adventures, but if you work hard, they will pass through your future tavern and tell you their stories. Maybe you'll even say the right thing to change their course of action. You might even encourage them to brave dangers they wouldn't otherwise face, or ruin their efforts completely.

But most of all, you are here to listen and make money.

(An attempt at mostly dialogue-driven story with some CYOA elements. We'll see where it leads us. Feedback is always appreciated, since I have no idea what I'm doing as usual. )

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She was one of the best. Loyal, powerful, unbreakable. That was until the love burst ended the invasion of Canterlot. One of queen Chrysalis' personal guards, after flying over half of Equestria tossed by the blast, lands inside enemy territory. Crippled, and defenseless, can she fool the ponies around her long enough to sink her fangs into their necks? Will that even be an option? Is she even half as good as she thinks?

Unfortunately, with her eyes wounded beyond repair, she has to rely only on her ears to escape her predicament.

Cover is a beautiful fanart by CitreneSkys / PaintedSNEK
(Just a little experiment in a purely dialogue-based story. As usual, comments, criticism, suggestions, or anything really is encouraged if it's constructive.)

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This story is a sequel to Corrupted Lands

What does it mean to lose everything?

What if there was a pony who had no self-respect, no sense of self-worth, and who suppressed his self-preservation instinct to save the few friends who against all odds stood by him through good and bad? What did they see in him he couldn't see himself?

Maybe it was the fact that he really sacrificed all he had so that they could have a future even without him. What if this pony was an alicorn, though, whose divinity forced him to return back to the world much later when all he knew was gone? No friends, no love for himself, nopony to lean on.

Blazing Light is back, baby.

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