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Don't think about this too much, it hurts the squishy sponge.
WOO, FEATURED! 18.1.2020

EDIT: Added a character cheat sheet in the bottom of this section due to requests.

The only thing that's known about changelings in general is that they came from the Badlands and that they eat love. Oh right, and that their queen is evil, cool, and certainly does not star in some of the wilder pony dreams.
Not much, is it?
The thing is, it's not as if they know too much themselves. For example, how many of them there really were? How many of them survived the invasion? How silly was it to attempt to disrupt princess Celestia's cake supply?
No one can fully answer such burning questions. Only one thing is for certain - they're now everywhere, and they all have their own stories to tell, some long, some short, some violent, some silly, some happy. Changelings all over the place.
Not every creature minds, though.


156 - infiltrator, F, hive loyalist.
387 - warrior, M, knows strangely too much.
918 - infiltrator. F.
47989 - drone, hit head on rock, a bit confused
559, 791, 2899 - warriors, M
10013, 13887, 19441, 31214 - drones

1988 - infiltrator, M, in charge of the lumber camp lings, totally femboy looking.
9999 - currently the highest ranking drone in the hive, involuntary drone Jesus.
36658, 57999 - drone bark meister, drone bark padawan. Definitely not opiate dealers.
13415 - drone, second-in-command after 9999.
17070 - cooking drone, deaf.
20100 - moving pictures drone
54331, 74989, 33125, 65661 - drones
3x Silent

1313 - infiltrator, M, breaks easily, is put together easily.
Zamira - F, Blueblood's zebra bodyguard

65536 - drone, requires no details here.
Sharp Biscuit - Batpony, M, Nightguard Commander.
Beacon - Unicorn, M, paladin Grandmaster
Pink Sunset - Batpony, M
Gloom - Batpony, F
Night Hunter - Batpony, M
Steel Glimmer - Batpony, F

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This looks promising

It's more a dump for random ideas which aren't deep enough for a full story, so who knows if there even is going to be an overarching story. It's not a big deal, though. Both my changeling storylines started like that and got some traction.


Yes and Beard was awesome. I've got One hug bug on the list to read too

Ok I'm definitely interested

1HB is more of the ending to Imbalanced storyline with 3 being the main-ish character rather than next Northern hive storyline so it's definitely not for everyone.
The expectations are mounting and crushing my already fragile sense of writing skill.

You don't need to rush yourself, what you have done so far works. Just keep going, and if you need a break take one. Your the author after all

I can actually see Luna keeping one as a pet

The epic backstory of falling asleep while being temporarily indestructible would make for an excellent conversation starter with other pet owners..

Good chapter, I always thought Chrysalis plan seemed dumb.

If you want my take on her reasoning, try reading "An Exercise In Management", it sort of explains/gives a background on why she just got up and left 387 and 156 and the group of changelings she took over Riverside with.
Also, events in Riverside between the invasion blast-off and the first chapter of 387,156 - "Hard to find the right words" story.

If you have the time. It's not necessary to know those for this collection of ideas but it's all the same world which differs in several key things/resolutions from the show.

Changelings all over the place.

That random guy is a changeling. Your friend is a changeling. Your mom is a changeling. I am changeling. You are changeling.
Changeling dominatus!

In my mind, the baseline changelings without a big hive mind repository of information and evil leadership are more a ball of kittens that mess around and stick their heads into a shiny zapping object than a dominating horde.
So not sure about the dominatus part :D

You're really don't like Celestia, don't you?~

You know, those Silent are kinda dumd considering Three was one of this line.

I actually like Celestia a lot, probably the most of all princesses. She just took a life of her own in my stories over all this time and not a good one.

Three was very close to being one but still got a little love from somewhere, maybe not all the infiltrators involved in Chrysalis' plan agreed completely with it.

Greeeat, made it 2 chapters without heavy stuff, lore, and tragedy.
I just want to write something fun and then my head happens. Every. Single. Time.

You know, it makes to empathize characres more. somehow...

“That bottle is filled with vodka and you know it!”

I will remember it

He had a mare with him that caught fire when she got mad. I’m not slapping that plot ever again, heh.”


...they're absolutely right.

Oh no



Nah, just a random kirin.

Heh. I'm rarely seeing kirins those times so I didn't even thought about them. And I have a kirin OC... *sigh*

New plan! Forget the infiltrators, weaponise the drones cutness factor!

I liked this one, it was good world building.

Jesus this is cute. I'm looking forward to more.

Cute and body horror don't mix well. Let's see how this goes.

Why do I have feeling I know what's going on but I can't pick it up?

Well that was a turn, an exciting one, that I hope ends well.

I'm not hiding anything!
Stay tuned for-
Wait, the finale of part 1 is up already.


A light brown stallion steps out of the black rift, his eyes pitch black holes into another universe, its mouth cracked open literally from ear to ear.

I think this why expected something... Idk. More plot...-y?
And you're saying you can't into full-comedy things~

I think you mixed up the chapter name. Pretty sure it's supposed to be "156, 387: 0-end"
Still not sure what the 0 means though.

Oh dear, you're right. Fingers are drunk.
The mystery of 0 shall remain unanswered!

Haha I love it! Attack of the drones for the win!

Drones normally only attack using hugs but their Giant Laser Horse ultimate rules.

This series has been most interesting, fun, and all in all enjoyable! I would hope you make the front page, as this has been nice to read!

I'm just kinda filling up my world's main storyline holes between Chrysalis' disappearance after Riverside events, Blazing's trip with her through the Everfree, Boss' wipeout of the hive mind, and eventually Sharp saving Chrysalis from mirror Sombra's army. Which section of the timeline this is going to cover I'm still not sure about.
Now, trying to do that WITHOUT the reader needing to know any of the other events is the challenge. Or maybe in my case making it happy and fun is the real effort.
Been featured once, and I'm not expecting it to be again, but I'm glad at least some people are enjoying it. Thanks for reading so far.

Not to bothered about plot when the chapters this cute!

I think the true reason why it can do chose things is because it's too empty in the mind and head that the nightmares and fear creatures can't find anything to hold onto or eat, essentially robbing them of their potency and powers.

It's a theory, but no. The answer is a little simpler and in the style of the Hulk.

I have come across this story and come to enjoy it.

Glad to hear it.
Though I don't mind hearing what's wrong too so that I can polish it.

Honestly I havent read much that was a issue. It flows very well, characters are easy to figure out. Just the right amount of humor and plot advancement. Only thing I kind of want to see is where Chrysalis is right now. Then again she probably is laying on a beach with a cabana pony serving her drinks with little umbrellas in it.

65536 is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters

“You have a good instinct for lies, Blazing. Take Sharp with you and interrogate the changeling. I have something more pressing on my plate right now,” she nods her head towards 65536.

Long time no see

I'm sure it reveals in other fanfics, but I can't remember what she were doing. Probably she now recowers to get back in older NA's fanfics

I wasn't really planning on adding her part - 1) since it's heavily hinted at in other stories, ("An Exercise in Management" explains a lot about with why she invaded Canterlot in the first place) 2) Also, "now" isn't a specific term, because 65536's part is happening directly after the invasion so far and 156,357's part is set 3 weeks-ish later after events in Riverside ("Hard To Find The Right Words" story). But I might, if something useful that can flesh out the world comes to mind.
I get the feeling that you would really like Three from "An Exercise In Management"
Good old depressed non-alicorn of Death Blazing.


I get the feeling that you would really like Three from "An Exercise In Management"


Ah, thanks for clearing that up

Well that happened o.o cool chapter

XXX uses Confusion.
It's super effective!

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