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This story is a sequel to They're EVERYWHERE!

Update schedule: At least once a week
As always, commenting and engagement is always appreciated and can help steer or polish the story.

Several years after the changeling invasion of Canterlot, queen Chrysalis gets an invitation to attend a cruise followed by a stay in a luxury holiday resort on an island belonging to the Griffon Empire. Supposedly, this is to introduce the new friendly changeling power in Equestria to existing nobility. Chrysalis takes one of the new infiltrators - 93, an old warrior 387, and a group of drones led by 10013 with her.

Chrysalis? Caring for the tiny and easily replaceable drones enough to give a few of them a chill two weeks? 387 doesn't buy it.

There must be something else going on... surely.

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It's been 4 years and Smiley is still alive. Say what you will about the Silents, but when they're not being thrown into the meat grinder they're surprisingly durable.

Spike dear, these selfish are a little undercooked.:duck:

One Spike al a mode coming right up.:moustache:

Love it. Need more.

In short, while three years have passed since the changeling invasion of Canterlot so far, and despite things having improved dramatically, attitudes and relationships will doubtlessly take many more years to reach a level where a changeling and a pony can live side by side and, as friends, hate all those damn immigrant diamond dogs.








It really hasn't been that long since "They're Everywhere!" ended, but it's making me realize I missed the drones in that space of time nonetheless. :raritystarry:

“Why would I ever think a damn drone would make sense…?”

Nah, it makes sense when you understand their logic, they're just very simple about it. Partly because they're simple creatures, and partly because they generally work simple and straightforward jobs, so the simplicity just comes naturally.

That, and they are all on the rather young side.


I'm now envisioning a chonky drone and ohmigoshWHYISITSOADORABLE?!

“Smiley, cover us!” orders 10013

Guess that answers my previous questions as to what Smiley's end fate was. :twilightsmile:

How a warrior like 387 managed to persuade the queen herself to change her attitude towards drones was a mystery to everyone

To be fair, there had already been some groundwork set up for it in advance. :raritywink:

“But… why?” 10013 gives 2033 a puzzled look, “Underground is redundant, we’re all down here anyway. Flesheater isn’t accurate, they eat chitin too. And what’s that crap thingy anyway? They have pincers, they skitter. That means you know their method of attack as well as movement. Makes perfect sense.”

See? What did I tell you--simple logic for simple creatures, and it works just fine once you pick up the core lingo. :twilightsmile:

Really, part of the problem here is really just the high ranks and drones never associating with each other, and thus not only were allowed to come up with differing ways at looking at the universe, but were rather poor at understanding each other whenever association did happen due to that differing viewpoints. As was previously demonstrated though, it's totally possible to overcome if one just takes the time to understand each other better, and it at least sounds like this problem has been attempted to be addressed in the years following the invasion.

Nice to see this new instalment

I'd say that's changelings overall. As long as they have some love, they stick around.
No, we had one drone cook last story and it's still missing.
There will be, eventually.
Yay, more readers!
Same stuff, different bugs. Or maybe not even that so much.
- United in hatred.
- A month, a short time? Funny, I always feel that whenever I miss a week of updates no one will ever return to read my stuff again. Einstein was right and time is relative!
- As Terry Prattchet wrote about Cpt. Carrot - That's where people often make a mistake - simple doesn't mean stupid.
- It now gives even better and softer hugs.
- Alive and kicking, literally.
- No one will ever know. :raritywink:
- Bugbutt is trying in her own way, but she still needs to keep everyone in line.

I kinda want to see a translation guide of drone to warrior when it comes to underground monsters and phenomenon.

Also more proof that Warriors could not hack it in a drone's world, they'd spend too long describing the threat to deal with the threat.

Don't worry I wasn't saying you have to post more story (though would be nice ;) ) I meant that there's a new one from you and more changelings so yay

Universal drone translation of any threat: "Run!"


Well yes that's how they deal with monsters and phenomenon, but what is a melty dangler, or a strangling freezy, or bouncing false shiny?

Am genuinely curious.

There are no direct real life counterparts to most because, you know, magical creatures. But I usually had some basic inspiration.
melty dangler - venus flytrap but upside down
strangling freezy - anaconda
bouncing false shiny - anglerfish

High Score is yet a Small God?:trixieshiftright:


The small god of the small drones

Supposedly, the drones got their own tiny hive mind space to store whatever information they deemed useful for everyone, but no one knew how to find it or do anything with it, and asking high ranks has never been a good course of action if one wanted to avoid getting eaten.

Meanwhile, I'm sure some 'ling's looking at that under-used bit of hive mind space and scratching their heads, wondering why the drones didn't seem to be using it for anything. :rainbowlaugh:

And I see the High Score Cave (or whatever we want to name it) has gotten quite an overhaul since we last saw it. :raritystarry: I know you keep saying High Score was "just an ordinary drone," but considering how much of an influence they had on drone affairs despite being "just an ordinary drone," I still say they were definitely onto something that the rest of the changelings definitely weren't at the time. :raritywink:



Either way, there is something fitting that the Cathedral of High Score should have a slide built in it.

Faith hates definitive questions that require definitive answers.
God spelled backwards is drone. Don't believe me? Just have faith.
- That presumes anyone cares what the drones are doing as long as the quotas are met.
- Jesus was an ordinary carpenter whose mother cheated on her husband/partner with 3 black guys and look how out of propotions that got blown out.

No Joshep was the carpenter. Jesus was a hippie. All he did was travel around with his friends, have strange expiriences, and proclame we all should be nice to etce other.

With drones now being allowed to advance I wonder how far they will go. Maybe we will see drone libraries, schools\ training center, shiny Banks?

Well, to be fair, he was right about the whole "let's be nice to each other" thing, so one does sort of have to give him that. :raritywink:

Good point, but focusing on pretty much the least relevant thing in my statement.
Library - technically, we have a precedent from Chrysalis' memories and you may have caught certain scribbles all over the cathedral. At least I hope I wrote they were there. Schools - eh, the concept doesn't make much sense in the long term due to the hive mind, and currently we're seeing a form of tutelage. Banks - okay, so basically, monetary theory states- nevermind. Banks are impossible due to the completely unstable value and concept of "shiny". Plus, drones aren't evil enough to form banks... or hedge funds.
If Christians actually believed teachings of the New Testament instead of cherrypicking stuff that suits their political values, the world would be a better place. I mean, that fits all three abrahamic religions, but Christians are the most two-faced about it by far. That, or I just have the most experience with them.

Ah I was under the impression that they weren't using the hive mind as much. Yeah your right, banks would be out. Maybe a version of a safety deposit service..

True, but that doesn't mean the message isn't any less valid, or for the rest of us to try and put into practice in some fashion.

But that's probably getting into topics much deeper than what concerns this fic. :rainbowlaugh:

Righ now, no. But eventually, someone'S bound to learn how to use it and then fill it with... something.
That's what you think. MWAHAHAHAHAAAA!
Drone Jesus go!

Only one issue. Not enough chapters. Love tnis story so much, I have withdrawal as soon as I finish new chapters.

Chrysalis is keeping 387 off balance by not giving him, or at least not telling about they can now have Equestrian newspapers delivered to the hive, to read, eat and make party hats with?:pinkiegasp:

“It could make high ranks not eat us… sometimes. It could also dig tunnels so quickly that it already had sleepy time while it was still worky time,” 99112’s jaw drops when 47989 says that, “ And one time a bitey melter bit High Score. After five days of excruciating pain, the bitey melter died. Still, if you want to know the full story, you gotta find the Potatoes.”

I see the drones have been...embellishing...the tale. :rainbowlaugh: But that was to be expected.

Also, I'm glad to see they ran with the "Potatoes" moniker, and that their embellishments are, indeed, rather Chuck Norris-esque. :raritystarry:

“No, no, you’re remembering it correctly,” 57999 doesn’t stop smiling for a moment, “But doesn’t my version just sound way more, you know, High Score-y?”

That is usually the line of logic in which these sort of things end up getting...embellished...upon. :trollestia:


“Gasp! That’s a drone number!” 47989 blinks when the hive mind starts publicly broadcasting

So question: do these public broadcasts in the hive mind begin with an attention-grabbing "booooop" sound, like a lot of intercoms? Because that'd seem very fitting in my mind.

“Wait, what was that last one?”

Smiley, obviously--learn your emotes, drone! :trollestia:

"After all, wouldn’t you say that drones are the least threatening members of our species, and as such the most suited to being seen in public, considering our current situation?"

She does have a point, and it was partly that very fact that made past pony-changeling relations mostly successful in the previous story.

That all said, Chryssi's definitely up to something with this. She's talking about it only in barebone basics and in this kind of smug "I know something you don't know" kind of manner. It almost feels like she's daring 387 to figure it out himself.

No idea what her game is as of yet, though. Gut instinct and past precedent would make me want to assume something nefarious, but given circumstances and how this Chryssi isn't totally the same Chryssi she once was, gives me a lot of pause on that. Still, wouldn't surprise me if whatever it is is more for her own personal gain than anyling else's. After all, still got a mighty ego, that one. :raritywink:

You just know that chrysalis is going to check in on it and it's going to be filled with terabytes worth of cat and pony pictures XD

Unfortunately, I have only one head and that's occupied mostly by work and survival. Gotta live and eat and have a roof over my head to write. :twilightsheepish:
I'd say the main problem is the Badlands being so far away from everywhere rather than Chrysalis blocking access these days.
You're... probably not wrong, tbh. The drones would need to find some cats or ponies, though. The hive is hard to get to.
- I'm bending the Chuck Norris Facts as hard as I can.
- Welcome to the entire religious subtext of this story. Will there be a crusade? Of course not, due to the lack of crosses.
- They start with *Chrrrr* Is this thing on? *Bop bop bop.*
- Drones eat emotes!
- Yes. :trollestia:

Now they are not everywere. But I still like the drones.

Zebra mare guards in skimpy gear... Blueblood is in the area!

As long as Pinkie isnt on board as part of the Equestrian delegation then things should collapse too far below mere Chaos and mayhem.:pinkiegasp:

Welcome to Day 1, part 1 of we-don't-know-how-many-yet! :derpytongue2:

No, no amount of begging would persuade the queen to let the drones keep a shiny bear with its hide covered in stars that they saw one night as the newbie drones wanted.

Hmm, relevant question then: Ursa Minor, or Ursa Major?

On top of that, the crowds of ponies on the sidewalk seem to part in front of Chrysalis

I can only imagine what that's doing for her ego. :trollestia:

“I just made one of your guards eat a pen without even doing anything,” sneers Chrysalis, “I think I’ll manage,”

Can't argue with logic like that. :rainbowlaugh:

I imagine it'll probably be addressed later, but whereabouts is 65536? Still in Canterlot at the castle?

Now they are on holiday. I would be surprised if that made them less likable. Being in a sequel can do that to characters, though.
Special forces - the domination unit!
When did I ever use a canon character as a protagonist, or anything close to it? Other than in Diplomatic Relations.
Or the Paladins! Fighting evildoers with the power of female fantasy armor, silicone booty, and fake zebra stripes.
You are correct, it will be addressed later.
- So far, quite a few. Hopefully I don't run out of ideas on day one and then nothing happens for the other 13.
- Ursa Young Adult. What's latin for medium star bear?
- As non-canon Vegeta once said: "I AM THE HYPE!"
- Even if you tried, she would just cocoon you.

I can only chuckle at what places drones will sneak off to while trying to find a "small darkened nook". Ships, especially the old timey cruisers should have a plethora (so rarely do I get to use that word) of places to ponder. Would it be spoilers to imagine Smiley curled up on a server's rolling cart, peacefully hidden under the silvery dome of the cloche... then through shenanigans rolled into some 1st-class room for the important ponies to discover when "Dinner is served Madame." Said cloche whisked up with snobbish flair to reveal a rudely awoken Smiley. (Let the screaming begin?)

(At least Smiley won't scream. Or make much sound really)

(Smiley would make an excellent changeling drone mime now that I think on it. Always in character!)

Could be one of these depending on which you like the most

Ursa Median, Usra Medium, Ursa Mediocris, Ursa Mediocritas.

Apparently Medium is one of those words which has changed very little.

Aaaaand noting the idea for later.
After meeting angry Chrysalis: "Ursa Medium Rare"

The Baron of Northern San Palomino understands how to talk to Changeling Drones...

Is this our good friend the former fake Blueblood having been granted a title in Equestria for services rendered to the crown?

Changlings, on board a ship, explicitly told No Digging.

Why do I get the feeling this is going to be that Parrot and Magician joke somewhere?:trixieshiftright:

I am liking this mystery take of these changelings! The description already gave me thoughts of the Thing or Murder on the Orient Express; I can't wait to see where this goes!

“They could still use a basic objective, Your Majesty.”

Yes, indeed, that'd be a good idea, or else they'll come up with one of their own, and before you know it, the cruise ship is somehow sinking and the drones are all too ashamed to admit how they managed to do it without meaning to. :rainbowlaugh:

“She said she wanted us to see how ponies are, don’t you rememb-” 36658 shuts up when faced with 387’s intense stare.

“That was a lie,” he whispers

Well...maybe it wasn't a total lie? I mean, maybe she figured, "while we're at it, I might as well have the drones doing that too...it'd help give myself a plausible cover story too." Chrysalis may be egotistical, but she does still have some sense of practicality to her, after all.

“We can’t disappoint High Score so we gotta be the cleanest and shiniest drones ever. Let’s go!”

Heaven forbid should one of them happen to find a thing of polish then, so they can become literally shiny. :rainbowlaugh:

“I was specifically told to ask one of you, not your Queen or any, as he called them, ‘high rank’.”

Oh good, the Baron actually knows the difference and the significance of that difference--for a second there, I was worried they just wanted to speak with any ol' changeling that's not Chrysalis, expecting to still get a knowledgeable and professional creature...and get a drone instead.

But if they're legit wanting specifically at least one drone, then...actually, that raises some possible questions that might be worth asking about that, because that suggests some past experience with the various changeling castes that I'd imagine still isn't terribly common knowledge with the other creatures of Equestria... :rainbowhuh:

I have had the same thought as well, especially as it'd also probably explain the zebra escorts, and I'd love to see 1313 pop up again, having enjoyed his particular arc in the previous story. But I'm also somewhat afraid to get my hopes up just in case it isn't. :twilightsheepish:

If drones ever weaponise the wibble, we are all doomed XD

At my rate of updates we'll see in roughly 3-8 weeks. So, nuclear catastrophe first, I suppose.
I'm not that smart.
Hercule Poirot vs. The Thing. I can see an Epic Rap Battles of History episode in that.
Anti-wibble tech is currently being researched deep in labs under Canterlot.
- So, we just wanted to clean the floor and so we kept cleaning and cleaning and then flappy swimmies started coming through.
- 387 is just a paranoid old changeling.
- Well, there could be a certain northern royal on the guest list who might not entirely appreciate being followed everywhere by a mob of drones.
- It's a mysteryyyyy...

Looks like the drones might have made one possible freind at least?

Now all they need is the artisan market stalls, where Coffee, Almond, and Mint can be Fudge, Soap, or Candle, depending on the stall. :unsuresweetie:

I wonder if the Drones have been introduced to the concept of 'Nap time' and how it is different from 'Sleep time'.

I find it amusing that a cabin described as cramped for four ponies is the perfect size for a swarm of changeling drones. Kinda surprised none of them are sleeping in the locker or a large drawer. Maybe later if they're feeling scared during a storm...

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