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It was supposed to be simple. After drone 200234 learned about the incoming invasion into ponyland's capital city of ponytown, or whatever the thing was called, his only dream consisted of finding a pony to suck (that's what we do, right?). Changeling drones normally don't own anything, nor are they allowed to take love on their own from captured prisoners, that is for infiltrators or warriors (smug buggers). Anyway, a drone's job is to do what it's told. So, this little guy ended up in a much unwanted position of leadership.

How? Well, it started like this...

(A story comprised of mostly dialogue and minimalistic descriptions. Suggestions or constructive criticism is always welcome.)

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An interesting concept. Though I must ask, what is the point of cutting out most of the description? It takes away from the flow and makes it more difficult to tell what is happening. It might be possible to make it work in spite of that, but but it will be extremely difficult. Watched for now.

It's more about putting in the proper amount of description. I think I've been overdoing it a lot recently. It is prone to change if current state proves insufficient.

Ooh... another one of these... I'll have to read it later, but I'm excited.

Less biting sarcasm, more stuff happening, but I'll try to keep it light.

Well... the mouth is probably better than the other hole he could've shoved it into... that brings up some weird mental imagery.

I know, it would be really hard to fit quarter of a broken spear into a nostril.

Oh, you... always trying to get one up one me, are we?

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