• Published 17th Jul 2017
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An Exercise In Management - Nameless Narrator

A simple drone "accidentally" failed to leave the Badlands hive for the invasion to Canterlot. He was only two weeks old, one of the clutch specifically created to break through the protective shield. Now starving, he's just trying to survive.

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14: Onwards to takeover!

Slipstream laughs.

“Bug living in some backwater hole can’t count to three, go figur-”

Eight doesn’t wait for the answer, lunging at the closest earthpony, knocking his pitchfork out of his hooves. In one fluid movement, she spins, and her hoof glows bright green right before connecting with the earthpony’s temple.

He drops like a log. So do the jaws of the other two, for a fraction of a second.

“Kill it! KILL IT!” screams Slipstream.

The other earthpony yelps and jumps when something taps on his leg. Glowstick takes a step away.

“Can I take a look at your stick? The boss gave me one that glowed, but it was old and a piece broke off of it when I hugged it.”

“Wha- boss- stick- wait, you’re one of THEM?!” the earthpony points his pitchfork at Three who shuffles further away.

Slipstream, narrowly avoiding a jab from Eight, yells:

“Of course it is! It’s another bug in disguise! Just STAB IT, you damn peasant!”

“Are you sure, it’s just a colt-”

“IT’S A SHAPSHIFT-oof,” her eyes roll upwards after a precise upper hook from Eight, and she keels over.

“Alright, one left,” Eight cracks her neck.

The earthpony, seeing the quick obliteration of his companions, drops the pitchfork, sits on his haunches, and raises his hooves.

“Please, don’t kill me. I have a family!”

Eight bares her teeth, growling.

“So? What would you do if a changeling said that to you?”

He whimpers, now trembling.

“I thought so,” Eight’s hoof shimmers with green light again as she cocks her foreleg back to possibly smash the pony’s skull.

“Wait, Eight.”

She stops without a word, waiting above the pony cowering with his muzzle hidden behind his forelegs.

”He didn’t want to hurt Three.”

“...that means his disguise worked...”

”I think this guy is just a pony… drone.”


”Yeah. He IS strong, but he’s not a fighter like you. Slipstream is a guard, and a somewhat observant one.”

“...remember that it's after the invasion. They WILL hunt us. They WILL execute stragglers...”

”I can’t simply kill him. He’s just trying to protect others.”

“...So am I, King. The best choice for us is to suck them dry and escape from town...”

”Actually… maybe not. We’ve got an infiltrator with us now.”

“...I’d prefer NOT putting our lives into the hooves of a changeling we just met...”

”I’m not. Give me control for a moment, please.”

“...fffff- yessss...”

I can practically feel Eight’s brain drip with submissive pleasure as I take a careful step forward in her body.


“Yes, miss Eight.”

“It’s me.”

“I know it’s you, miss Eight.”

“The boss.”

“Ooooh, right. What’s up, boss? Is miss Eight comfortable?”

“Like a good couch, totally. Now drop the disguise and listen.”

Glowstick turns into Three. The captured earthpony looks at him and shivers.

“I messed up. I messed up so much...”

“Maybe not,” I look into his wet eyes, “I can’t let you walk away after seeing this, though.”

He breaks down in tears. A strange sight from somepony of his size who looks as if he could split a tree in half with a good buck.

“You, infiltrator. What’s your rank?”

The changeling in question hobbles out of the temporary cell, slowly moving towards me.

“Four hundred and thirty-six.”

“Can you make it so that these three don’t recall what happened here?”

He pokes the unconscious Slipstream.

“Not like this. With some love, probably.”

I nod and turn back to the sobbing earthpony.

“If you cooperate, you’ll get through this and nopony you love will be hurt.”

He looks up at me, clearly not believing a word.

“But you said-”

I raise my hoof, he flinches and stops.

“You will feed Three here.”

“Feed?!” he looks at the drone significantly smaller than Eight or the infiltrator.

“It won’t kill you, just don’t resist.”

He hangs his head.


“Three, go for it.”

Three climbs onto the sitting earthpony’s back, and bites his neck.

“Ow!” he panics at first, but has enough self-control not to swat Three away. After a moment, he calms down, his eyes now showing a dim green hue. I get ready to tear through his neck as he grabs Three, but he just holds him like he would a fresh nymph.

“You know, if you didn’t look so weird and buggy, you’d be almost as cute as my colt. You are a colt, right?”

“Mhm,” Three nods, “The boss said I could pick which one I would be, and I liked colt better.”

The flow of venom-tainted love from the earthpony to him is visible only for me, and it’s making me hungry.

“You know, you wanted my stick. Did you mean my pitchfork? Even after I wanted to stab you with it?”

“It’s cool and pointy! It would look awesome if miss Eight could make it glow.”

“Well, if I make it out of here, you can have it.”


“Sure. It’s an old one I’m trying to use up. I have a better one for work at home.”

“You ponies aren’t so scary after all,” Three hugs him.

The earthpony returns it.

“We? You’re the ones with pointy teeth.”

Three burps, nuzzling the earthpony’s neck.

“I think I’m full. Thank you, mister pony.”

He drops back down onto the floor, walks a bit away, and then sits down.

“So full...”

“That wasn’t so bad,” the earthpony looks at me.

I nod.

“That’s just the beginning, and we don’t have time for hugging. Eight? Take over.”

Aaaand I’m back inside her head. The earthpony’s dizzy smile fades as he looks at Eight. Her expression must looks completely different when it’s me in charge.

“Alright, the King gave me an alternative to getting rid of you. Don’t resist, you’ll only make it worse. If you feel sleepy, it’s working.”


Eight kisses the earthpony, burying her long tongue deep into his neck.

That goes on for about a minute, by the end of which she has to put the pony down as he loses all control over his body. The flow of love and now added lust is completely different from when Three was feeding - faster, stronger, and more forceful. In the end, the earthpony is out cold just like the others, only without the bruises.

“Not a bad start,” Eight licks her lips, “Makes me wonder if there’s something to how infiltrators do it.”

“Now drain the other two, but leave enough for the infiltrator to recover a little and be able to tamper with their memories.”

“Oooh, interesting idea. Alright.”

With Slipstream and the second earthpony unconscious already, they recieve just a bite in the neck and a hefty dose of venom as Eight drains them. She’s methodical and quick when she needs to.

“Infiltrator, take whatever love you need to recover enough so that you can make them forget what happened and plant some simple fake memories in them.”

“I understand, Eight,” he simply puts his horn to the already envenomed closest earthpony’s head, and lets the tainted love flow.

I look at Three dozing off, propped against a heap of some broken furniture, and then the three ponies. We’ll have to explain how they got here somehow.

Hmm, is that so?

”Hey, Eight, how about we give our infiltrator a name, or a rank?”

“Hey, infiltrator. The King wants to name you or give you a rank.”

“Hmm?” he looks at her, focused on his slowly healing chitin.

”Ten doesn’t sound bad, right?”

“...I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that...”

”He’s the only infiltrator we’ve got.”

“The King promotes you to rank ten.”

The infiltrator hiccups.

“T-Ten? T-t-t-that means I… I can get permission to… what is the highest noble in this place?”

“I suppose the Mayor,” Eight raises an eyebrow, “Why?”

“Low, but that’ll have to do. My speciality is royalty. There’s nothing sweeter than seducing some noble’s wife and making her my slave pet, then slowly taking over social ranks. The possibilities, the influence, the mares. All the power I can ever want. Haha hahahahaha! Sweet, soft, supple noble flesh, not tainted by work. But deep down, they are suuuch whorses in heat… ”

”Instant regrets. HUGE regrets.”

“...I can always just rip his head off...”

“Let’s keep that option on the table, sure.”

“All done,” Ten stands up all of a sudden, “All three of them will recall entering the police station, being warned about a possible danger from the swamp, and then they’ll wake up down here because it was ‘secret’ meeting so that other Wet Soil townfolk won’t panic.”

”Few minutes ago he had no idea where he was, now he knows our exact location, the name of this place, and likely what Slipstream had for dinner yesterday.”

“...basic infiltrator skills, King...”

”Now, how do we- ooooh, speaking of basic infiltration. I shouldn't know this, but the hive mind connection is somewhat open.”

I take over without asking this time, making Eight tremble with delight.

“Ten, you will take Slipstream’s place. With Eight posing as Truncheon, we’ll-”

“Have control over the whole local police force consisting of two goons. I understand rudimentary infiltration. Also, you’re not Eight. What’s going on?”

“I will explain later. Now shapeshift.”

In a burst of green fire, new Slipstream appears, taking a few steps with an annoyed expression.

“Meh, a mare. Uncomfortable, but workable. What do we do with the real one?”

“We have a base in Truncheon’s house. One more cocoon hanging in the cellar won’t make a difference. Now, help Eight drag the earthponies up. We’ll transport Slipstream when it gets dark. Can you dose her with enough venom to keep her out cold for that long?”

“Of course, but manual work? Come on, Eight is the warrior.”

“I helped you restore your legs, I can have Eight break them again. You might be rank ten now, but Eight got her place under Chrysalis. Don’t tempt me.”

“I don’t even know who or what you are, and you’re bossing me around.”

“I can order Three to have his way with you.”

He gulps, looking at the softly snoring drone.

“That’s not just a drone, right? That really IS a double-disguised infiltrator. Real Three as well, right? I KNOW they can mask their presence even from other changelings.”

“Heh, do you want to find out? I wonder if he could change your brain so that you go not for nobility, but for the lowest common ponies. Some earthponies digging whole day in the dirt-”

“Stop, STOP! Fine, fine, I’ll do what you want. It’s not like we have too much love anyway. Getting refilled in the middle of nowhere like this place isn’t the worst idea I’ve ever heard.”

“Good. Now get dragging. Eight will help you.”

He sighs in utter disgust.

“...ugh, labor...”

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