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My favorite character is Spike. That's basically all you need to know about me.


For all her life, Pinkie Pie was certainly different from other ponies. She could do things that almost nopony else could, almost... cartoon-y shenanigans.

But today, on the day of Tirek's invasion, the rest of her friends were about to discover exactly WHY she was so different.

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It always made sense to me that Pinkie was a changeling. She like being around and making people happy, she is affected by moods around her, she has magic and teleporting when she shouldn't, and she can shape shift to fit into smaller objects.

The only logical race that can do that is Changeling.

And Ive always believed that Fluttershy is not afraid of everything, she is terrified of herself. Her stare is showing animals something dark and evil inside her. Something she fights tooth and nail to repress. Her Flutterbat and skitzo personality changes are part of it.

Anyway, Im adding this story for listening to next.

The Monk
“And it's the cowgirl with a disturbing love of apples.” -Hawker Hurricane

this seems promising, good start :twilightsmile:

Aftermath of the 'Canterlot Wedding' :pinkiesad2:, she was ejected but made her way back :pinkiesick:, or she wasn't ejected due to having 'sparkly wings' :pinkiesmile: (Thorax in "There and Back') [or the magic recognized 'Pinkie' as it passed :pinkiehappy: ]

Or it was because she was still, changeling or not, one of the Elements of Harmony, and, you know, that sorta counts for something. :rainbowlaugh:

So '3' in other words ... :pinkiesmile:

Or knowing Laughter, set up a bounce-all-over that ended up where she started :trixieshiftright: !!

And now we wait for Twilight’s reaction.

Edit: "sparkly wings"
Her description was effectively "Pinkie Pie, but bug shaped". Until told otherwise, I'm assuming fully reformed.

Still unsure if regular Changeling, "sparkling wings" Changeling, or "reformed" Changeling. I'm leaning towards reformed, given that it's Pinkie Pie, but the lack of description and the choice of cover art leaves things up in the air.

So, in the end we've established dumping buckets of cold water causes a collapse of disguises, and that Pinkie is still Pinkie regardless of whether or not she's a changeling. :rainbowlaugh:

Rarity brushed aside her Mane and spat, "You tell us where you've hidden her RIGHT NOW, or I'll—"

Pinkie was in the cage with them, where would she go?

Well, at least we get to know more about changelings.

I honestly can't decide between "Sparkly-Wings Changeling" or a new kind of Changeling, similar to how Twilight Sparkle is depicted in "Change"

Answer this question:

What if a Changeling took Pinkie before Tirek attacked?

It would probably be easier to just go with what’s shown in the cover art. Honestly I think it fits.

But, when would the changeling do that? Pinkie has always acted the same from when she got her cutie mark to the tirek attack, and based on the show changelings aren’t good at acting like the pony they are copying.

The same question could be asked every time someone was replaced in the show. As for the bad acting, it’s most likely a result of not knowing the person they’re copying very well. Also, the only time someone ever suspected Changeling involvement was during an invasion and with Twilight when Cadance was replaced due to their relationship.

Basically there’s a number of factors involved.

Yup, that definitely is a lot of factors.

I'm enjoying the story very much 💙

man this one is going to so much fun to read

So why the hiatus on this story?

Because right now, I'm focusing mainly on my other story, "It Takes a Village to Reform a Changeling".
Also, because I've sort of hit a block for this one; I have no idea where I actually wanna take this story.

Pinkie Pie, in her pony form, grabbed the microphone and declared, "I've come to make an announcement: Shadow the–!"

What was she gonna say?

Whoa Pinkie pie is a Changeling wow

Well then this should be very interesting story

"Oh, Twilight," Pinkie Pie laughed, "Shining Armor and Cadence didn't intend to blast me out, so I was unaffected!"

unm what that doesn't make any sense but I guess I can let that go because you know pinkie 😅

Pinkie laughed in response. "I can't tell you, silly; that wouldn't be any fun!"

Dang it pinkie lol 😆

Well then this should be fun for pinkie now at least everyone knows but now I wonder whats going to happen next cant wait I like this story so far 😊

"She's been a unicorn all along, hasn't she?" interrupted a voice from the crowd.

It would explain a few things, wouldn't it?

But then, so would her being a changeling.

Google it. Even incomplete as it is here, the first hit is guaranteed to get you up to speed.

Pinkie Pie, in her pony form, grabbed the microphone and declared, "I've come to make an announcement: Shadow the–!"

And somewhere in the Badlands, a certain Changeling was now preparing to finally get her daughter back.

Well, this is about to get interesting.

Oh yeah i forgot about that this is going to be an interesting one

It makes more sense than you think. Say that when Shining and Cadance cast their spell they directed it specifically at the Changelings attacking Canterlot, Pinkie wasn’t one of the Changelings attacking Canterlot so there was no reason the spell would affect her because it was never directed at her in the first place.

Ohh When you put it that way yeah your right

Oh, I think I see it now.

this is entertaining but quite short...

is this why this so funny?

Looking forward to what's next. Especially with that last part..

Pinkie Pie, in her pony form, grabbed the microphone and declared, "I've come to make an announcement: Shadow the–!"

Nice reference.

"Liar!" AJ shook her head.

Element of Honestly or of honest stupidity that contradicts itself ?

AJ turned sharply towards Dash. "I ain't fallin' for nothin', Dash; I can tell she's tellin' the truth!"

♪We're not flawless, we're a work in progress...♪

Ok, so her mane and tail was already pink, what about everything else? Also, so is 22 years old?

Pinkie blinked. "Well, duh! That's because I gave it to you for free!"

Dammit Pinkie XD

Well that's a pretty interesting history about how she was adopted I really like how the pies family helped pinkie pie And becoming a family I can't wait to see how this will work out

See what I meant when I said "I don't really have a clue where I should take this story"?

Don't worry I'm sure you'll figure it out Just take your time on it 😊

What about her cutie mark? Is it real?

Pinkies still Pinkie

See what I meant when I said "I don't really have a clue where I should take this story"?

And that’s why you should plan ahead before you start writing a story.

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