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Hello. Due to life and work, I post stories on here randomly. Come back when I make one/a new one. ^^ [most of my stories are teen rated.]


Midoriya wakes up in an odd place, for one, the villain was gone. And they were stuck in space?!
This can't be right!
And now what’s with the ponies?!

Art ain’t mine! I only credit the art as mine when it looks tacky!
[this art is awesome!]

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What point in the series is this taking place ?
Is it before the paranormal liberation front war or after?

it originally takes place in the middle of season 5 of mha
and season 8 of mlp

Good start the story I'm looking forward to seeing her mate

Don’t make Deku a super softie
I seen fanfics do this too much we’re they forgot this guy trained like hell for 10 months , broke his bones to save Todoroki from his traumatic past ,helped save Eri from the Japanese mafia, stood up to bakugo and is trying to be his own hero.

I won’t say other feats due to spoilers but Deku is a beast .

This fimfic looks good

Didn’t mean for it to seem that way :applejackconfused:

about his ‘heart melting of courage’ if you are referring to that, it was him realizing that he might not see family or friends ever again, which would be kinda tragic.
[doea that make sense?] :<
[If it’s not that, please let me know what it is.]
[also I’m not trying to make him a softie, I actually have something else planned.]

[also to point out I will have no ships, just friendship]

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