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My favorite character is Spike. That's basically all you need to know about me.


It had started out simply enough: Twilight wanted to learn if aliens exist, so she began researching spells.

Did I say 'simply'? I meant 'crazily'.

Well, one thing led to another, and as a result, Spike is now in an unfamiliar world. With Twilight unable to bring him back, he has to search the land for a way home.

Along the way, he must assist some of this world's strange creatures. Will he be able to recover their fabled 'Try Force' and get home before Twilight goes crazy? And will he finally understand what courage truly is?

Timeline placement: Just after Hurricane Fluttershy (Equestrian side); a century after Ocarina of Time / Majora's Mask (Hylian side).

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Found this story interesting with Spike in Link's role on these first chapters, looking forward to see where it goes from here! :moustache:

Really liking this Ocarina of Time/BOTW vibe you got going with Spike here, speaking of which I was surprised his dragon mail actually worked in getting Twilight a message, well played! :twilightsmile::moustache:

Glad you think it feels like Ocarina of Time, since I'm trying to draw influence from it without having even played it! :twilightsheepish:

Nice first taste of combat for Spike, too bad about the goat though! :moustache:

Wasn't expecting Twilight to find him so fast (course she's Twilighting so that's not good:facehoof:), have to question her plan for one of the Mane Five to jump in there! :twilightoops:

I hope nobody jumps in. This is Spike's adventure, not theirs

This was a good compromise with that gem spell, after all this is Spike's story, not the Mane Six. Also glad AJ got quick reflexes in stopping Pinkie before she went though! :ajsmug:

Maybe this will be explained in a later chapter, but I can't help being a bit distracted by the placements of Power and Wisdom being switched in your descriptions of the Triforce.

Whoops, good catch!

So Spike's real test starts now, looking forward to see his trek though the Fire Temple! :moustache:

I really like crossover stories
Unless they are scary enough, which doesn’t really happen very often

Everypony blinked, but nodded nonetheless. Better to not question the gem expert and the pink enigma, right?

I’m going to have to decline using the “It’s Pinkie” phrase here. She did grow up on a rock farm after all

...as if she wanted to give him the opportunities to prove his worth!

Ah, good ol' Spike; always the optimist.

Hey, welcome back! :pinkiehappy:

lol just loved the fairies reactions at Spike eating that red rupee & of course this part :

Spike wiped away a bead of sweat that'd formed on his brow, then re-sheathed his sword. "Alright, now that that's taken care of..."

Nuha and Hamzah watched in silent awe as Spike took off everything he had on him, set it down on the ground, and dove straight into the lava. "I don't think that's how this puzzle was meant to be solved..." Hamzah commented.

Spike slowly swam to the other side of the lava moat, pulling himself out with a bit of difficulty due to the viscosity of it. He shook himself clean of any remnant, then approached the chest. Inside, he found...

A large, golden key? "Alrighty, then..." Spike shrugged. Holding the item above his head, he swam back across the moat (it felt a bit soft in his hands, but didn't actually start melting) and reequipped his gear.

Nuha blinked at the item. "That's the boss key! With that, you can open the door to the final chamber."

"Really?" Spike took another moment to look at it. It was a horned design, with a red crystalline skull on one side. "Neato."

"I really don't think that's how the puzzle was supposed to be solved," Hamzah stressed.

Spike shrugged. "It worked, didn't it?" When Hamzah didn't answer, Spike sighed. "Look, if it makes you feel better, I'll try and do the rest of it how it was intended, okay?"

Oh man, wished I could really do that in-game! :rainbowlaugh:

The fight against Stalkoblins was rough, glad Spike pulled though! Course it's not over yet! :twilightoops:

Just saw the hiatus tag on this tale, hope it comes back again soon! :moustache:

It's taking a bit to write, but I'm certainly trying!

Just wanted to tell everyone that this story is still alive and kicking, just caught in a development purgatory.

Hey welcome back, glad to see the rest of Spike's trek through the Fire Temple! Hoping to see an epic fight between Spike & the Boss of this place on the next chapter! :rainbowdetermined2::moustache:

I already have the basics planned out, so all I need to do is actually write it.

A legend of zelda crossover with spike as main character, getting kind interested. Since based on ocarina of time, i imagine he get his adult/teen form later. Hope you come back to this.

I'm actually making pretty decent progress on the next chapter. No idea when it'll be finished, but here's to hoping it'll be soon!

Holy cow what an intense battle for Spike here & I loved every minute of it!!! :moustache:

Glad to see this story back & well worth the wait Matt, looking forward to the next chapter when it comes out! :heart:

Don't worry Spike, soon, you will become a true hero.

It's always interesting to see an OoT sequel fic. Primarily because I've never seen one before. Heck, my own throws Fluttershy in Link's role so isn't a sequel.

Glad that he didn't keep it a secret for long, and his two new companions now know.

Wonder what monsters Spike will have to face to obtain the Triforce. Or where the three items are even located.

Was it intentional that Spike arrived in Hyrule. The clothes, the timing of the fairies and the portal that opened to Hyrule. Were this coincidences?

They either recognized the cap that's on his head or it was mentioning about the triforce.

Is Spike the reincarnated of the hero Link? Either way, Spike won't say no to helping someone.

Yes! Spike defeated his first monster hoard. Bats, but still a first start for him.

Spike's first dungeon, this will be exciting.

Well nice story so far. Glad it made front page.

It was tough, it was challenging, but he did it. Spike succeeded at the end.

A combination of both, really.

Yeah, the hat is a bit too suspect, isn't it? Lemme just edit that...

(Edit): There, now the cap doesn't fit him perfectly.

Sweet celebration chapter, plus love the important points spinkled thoughout this chapter! Curious about that stranger though, Ganondorf maybe???:rainbowhuh:

Looking forward to the next chapter Matt, also Happy Early Birthday! :moustache:🎂

Perhaps there's a way for Spike to still be connected to his new friends. He could use more.
With the celebration party is over, and after calming down Twilight's fears, time for adventuring.

Sweet new chapter here, glad Spike & Co had a chilled time time here before the next step of the journey, especially with that Zora encounter at the end there! :twilightoops:

Looking forward to more Matt, keep up the good work!:moustache:

Nose porque Spike se sorprende, en Equestria hay más especies inteligente, grifos, hipogrifos, dragones, yacks, un montón de burros, y algunos animales normales
Muy buena historia, me entra la duda si al final Spike será el elegido o no, me gustaría más que fuera el último, un héroe que no se mostró en la leyenda (o profecía)

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