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Hello! I'm Dizzy Paws! It's nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy my stories! :) Always feel free to check out all my stories!


A Changeling left behind when Queen Chrysalis attempted to take over Canterlot. She found herself with memory lost and stranded in the heart of the castle. Needing to find a way to survive in the kingdom, due to the shield around castle that would not let her pass though, she had to find a way to feed on love without drawing any attention to her. Slowly she found a way to do just that. Creating a persona that would fit in with the normal ponies and yet let her feed when she is hungry. Thus Melody Echo was born. She was always good at mimicking sounds and echopraxia. Using her sound ability, she listened to famous singers that would come to Canterlot to preform and the shops that offers musical training. After some time, the shield was eventually lifted and she was able to leave, but she choose to stay. Even if she did leave, where would she go? The last thing she can remember is attacking the ponies during the raid, then nothing. Making Canterlot home, even if it is in disguise, let her guard down one day, another pony changes everything.

Shout out to Rune for the custom cover art!

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I hope that the ponies treat Melody like a pony and not a changeling when they find out

Thank you! Hopefully I will be able to make more as fast as I can and still be a great read!

Well stick around and find out! Feel free to read the other stories till then. Also keep in mind, the other stories where made a long time ago and I am going to be going back though to fix the mistakes, Twilight's Old Doll has been the resent one I have been working on and hope to finish soon!

Supersized by hearing this blue pegasus was wanting to be her friend, she took a moment to think about it. 'Does she really want to be my friend? Can I really trust her? Should I attempt to make a friend?' and may questions a like fill Melody's head, but before she can answer, her mind thinks of what would happen if Sonorous found out the truth. If they do became friends, would she be able to trust Sonorous to keep her secret? Or if they ever got in an argument, would she slip up and mention it, or even use it to blackmail her? Melody's mind stuck in a loop of wanting a friend, but scared to find out what would happen if Canterlot found out who she really is.

I hate to be a bother, but did you mean [Surprised]? I've found a good way to catch stuff like that is to use the reader. Wrong words will usually jump right out when you hear them.

Also, it's minute, not minuet. That one used to catch me a lot too.

Overall I'm liking what I'm seeing so far.

Thank you for bringing that to my attention! I went back and fixed it. The 'Supersized' was me just auto correcting it to the first thing and not really looking at it. Also happy to hear that you are liking the story so far!

I'm curious as to why Melody doesn't maintain her pony form all the time. It just seems like she's taking a huge risk.

And no, I'm not going to ask about Luna. :)

Well well well.
This has me interested, I haven't seen a simple "changeling tries to live as a regular Canterlotian" for a while.
I have high hopes, the guards weren't some sadistic maniacs but professionals, it's a very good start.
I'll wait for the next chapter my good writer.

Who knows? It mite be revealed in a later chapter :ajsmug:

I'm glad this has your interest! I hope I can get the next chapter out as soon as I can, but keeping it a great read!

Where are all the character tags?

I didn't know if I could/should tag Cadence, Shinning Armor, and Chrysalis in the stories since they are only mention in the story and not have a roll directly inside the story.

Whenever one of them would preform, the other one would sit backstage and listen to the one singing.

After preforming,

Your spell check is messing with you again. It's, perform. Move that first 'r'. :twilightsmile:

Ah yes, thank you! Always keeping that eye out for me to catch those mistakes. I'm also happy to see you are still keeping an eye on the story! I hope you are enjoying it more with each chapter!

Not the best prose but definitely a good story. I put it on my tracking list.

I am happy to hear you are enjoying. Always feel free to PM me anything about the story. Hope you keep an eye on it and enjoy the ending!

Well that guy needs to be fired. Clearly doesn't want the job

Maybe it lows her love supplies

Comment posted by fanreader999999 deleted Oct 11th, 2020

I thought it was a new chapter lol

Haha, my bad. I just wanted the ones who may still be reading to know that I will start working on the story. With work, family, and the world status, I got hard to work on the story. Now that some things has settled down, I will be able to work on the story again.

Curious, wonder what made her special such that the expelling pulse didn't affect her correctly yet the barrier still worked... 🤔

Very curious how the blind Pegasus can navigate so well. Feels like she's using resonant harmonics?

Definitely resonance then.
Kinda curious how she got a job singing in the first place, memory loss is not conducive to employment, at least, not in the timeframe of starvation...

Heh, moving pretty fast, looks kinda sus.

Not only that, but the reflection of chitin is a bit different to fur and skin. It's actually one of the reasons recording studios use that special foam padding, the hard walls create echoes that distort the intended sound.

Ooh, an eavesdropper! News reporter perhaps? Very suspicious to run from the guards...

Eww, gross negligence in the supposed security detail. Not documenting disturbances during shift? Not reporting said disturbances (even in summary)? Yikes, even in happy pony world that's bad...

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Yeah, im good. Some stuff has popped up and was unable to do anything, but I will finally fulfill the promise I made

Take your time... just making sure your ok. :applejackunsure: but if you say you're good... then ok! :twilightsmile:

I appreciate for checking up on me :twilightsmile: I should be posting the next chapter tonight!

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