Pinkie's *Bug* Surprise

by MattTOB

Public Relations

"Attention, citizens of Ponyville," Mayor Scroll Mare addressed the public, "I've called this meeting because Princess Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie have important news."

The crowd started to discuss amongst themselves, trying to figure out what the news would be, but they quickly silenced when the two mares came onto stage.

Pinkie Pie, in her pony form, grabbed the microphone and declared, "I've come to make an announcement: Shadow the–!"

"Pinkie..." Twilight scolded, using her magic to take the device from the Party Planner's grip. "*Ahem* I'm sure you're all familiar with Pinkie Pie, Ponyville's Premiere Party Planner and Pastry Pusher."

The crowd answered with sounds of agreement.

"However, it has recently been drawn to my attention that she hasn't been completely honest about what she is. Now–"

"She's been a unicorn all along, hasn't she?" interrupted a voice from the crowd.

"If you'd let me finish?" Twilight glared out at the crowd, but was unable to discern who'd just spoken. "Now, Pinkie has agreed to show you all the truth. Pinkie, if you would?"

The alicorn gestured towards where the pink pony was standing, but was shocked to find that she was no longer there. "Pinkie? Where'd you go?"

"I'm over here, silly!"

The entire crowd turned around, and audibly gasped.

Pinkie Pie, in her natural Changeling form, had just finished setting up a party behind them all (and in record time, too). Picnic tables littered the street behind her, covered in confectionaries like punch, cupcakes, and the like; a large banner that said 'Pinkie-Pie-Was-Actually-A-Changeling-This-Whole-Time Party' hung between two posts; party cannons lined the road, loaded and ready to fire their celebratory contents; and in the center of the area, a large cake in the shape of Pinkie Pie's head, her two forms sharing it evenly, sat on a larger table.

The crowd stared, silently gaping at the scene before them.

Pinkie Pie blinked. "What, too much?"

Celestia sat in her throne room, sipping tea and mulling over the recent news. She'd always thought that the Bearer of the Element of Laughter was a strange one, but to learn she was a Changeling? If Pinkie Pie hadn't already used the Tree of Harmony's Chest's power to stop Tirek, she probably wouldn't have believed it.
That still didn't mean she fully accepted it.

And so, for the moment, she simply sat and drank her tea, letting the revelation sink in.

And then Spearhead burst in.

"Your Highness, I was told to relay a message to you! There's been a Changeling spotted in–"

"Ponyville?" Celestia finished. "At ease, soldier; I am already well aware of Pinkie Pie's... situation."

The guard shot her a questioning look.

"It's been a long day for all of us," Celestia explained. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an announcement to make."

The announcement came near sunset, to mixed reactions:

Princess Luna nodded, the pink party mare now making just a little more sense. She held no particular bias towards the Changelings (in fact, though she'd never admit it, she was impressed with how they'd overpowered Celestia so easily), so it was easy for her to accept the revelation.

Princess Cadance and Shining Armor were torn.

On one hoof, they couldn't just forget the hardships they'd faced on behalf of the Changelings. Memories of the wedding were still fresh in their mind, despite having happened several months ago.

But on the other hoof, it was Pinkie Pie, and she hadn't ever done anything to hurt them.
So for the moment, they decided to leave it be and see where it went.

And somewhere in the Badlands, a certain Changeling was now preparing to finally get her daughter back.