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A mother will do a lot for her child, even give them up if it meant them having a safer life growing up, despite the obvious pain that comes for the parent.

That pain is something Queen Chrysalis has gone through for eighteen years, but now the time is upon them, and she wants her daughter back. Even if that means invading Canterlot during a royal wedding.

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(Featured on 18/10/2015, the first day! Thank you!)

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I am, and this will be interesting. Eager to see how this differs from another fan fic.

i like twiling stories. good luck.:twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:

illbe watching

Brilliant idea for an original story.

I'm interested in how you will change the invasion. I'll keep my eye on this.:pinkiecrazy:

I love stories where other ponies are Changelings, but this story seems a little bit close to another story I read... Where Twilight was a stillborn and Chrysalis replaced her with her Changeling heir. I will keep reading, but I'm worried about the two stories becoming exactly the same. :pinkiesmile:

You've officially gotten my attention. Let's see where this goes.

You have my upmost interest on this story tom117z.

You my good writer have gotten my attention. Now let's see if you can keep it, shall we?

All jokes aside, I like the start of this story. Can't wait to see what happens next and I have the most interesting theory that during the wedding Twilight is forced to change back by Crysi~:pinkiegasp: and that could lead to quite a few developments that really give this story a lot more potential in the long run.:duck: Either way I can't wait for some interesting story to come out of this fic.:twilightsmile:

Wanderer D

This beginning looks very familiar...

Please, story - stay alive!

Hmpf. Whole concept looks stolen from Mirrors image story.

6541428 I've had this story planned even before I read 'Mirror's Image', now I'm trying re-plan parts to try and make it more different, extra work... :facehoof:

Hopefully I can make it different enough, though there may be similarities here and there, though that's pretty unavoidable with the premise. Remember though this story in itself is just a small piece in a much bigger story-arc.

6541440 Every Saturday I will update this, it will not die so help me...

Wanderer D

6541480 Is that why it sounded familiar? Wow. Haven't read Mirror's Image in a long time. Well, stories can begin in a similar way, but it doesn't mean they're the same. Let's see where you take this one!

6541486 Define "Help"... is it simlar to "Editing"?

Twilights carapace


t also helped


6541428 yeah maybe but it could also go very differently as well. I just hope it gets updated I like stories like this.

Wanderer D

6541742 Did you read my comment? You're basically repeating what I said.

I very much enjoy stories where Twilight is secretly a changeling. Liking and tracking to see where you take this idea.

6541225 link to that story? That would be a fantastic read for me

6541683 It was an expression :facehoof:

Support for this story has been... I can't even comprehend, and I thought 'Mare of The Moon' did well, and I've only released the prologue!

Your support means a lot to me, thank you!

You can expect an update very soon...

6541764 yeah you said this looks familiar. I know there are several stories like this but this one could go alot differently than they have... namely this one might finish fully?

6541225 Man, Mirror's Image stabbed me right in the feels with its first chapter. :rainbowlaugh:

For my part, I have zero problems with multiple stories taking a similar theme. This theme in particular is a pretty obvious choice, considering our (non-MLP) changeling mythology and how they were said to behave. I look forward to seeing how this goes. :twilightsmile:

At that point Rarity seemed to stop functioning.

Rarity.exe has encountered a problem... :pinkiegasp:

A story with such a high like/dislike ratio is very rare, and this one has earned it despite its length. I'll be keeping an eye on it.

Wanderer D


>> tom117z Is that why it sounded familiar? Wow. Haven't read Mirror's Image in a long time. Well, stories can begin in a similar way, but it doesn't mean they're the same. Let's see where you take this one!

You missed this one. Anyway, we seem to be agreeing on the same thing.

While changelings don't tend to have last names ponies do so Chrysalis had to invent one for her, remember how her eyes 'sparkled' like the twilight sky?

This line is really, really awkward.

6541797 I had the same thought. I hope it doesn't follow too closely to it, but the description does seen like it's heading that way. I'll see where it goes, though.

6541779 XD Well, you at least have convincing cries for help. :raritywink:

I will give this a read to see how much change there has been compared to Mare of the Moon. That story felt very rushed. There is a lot to be learned in writing and it requires a lot of balance, though right now I feel detail needs to be worked on. Don't tell the readers what is happening, show them.

Like instead of saying Twilight is sad, describe how her face contorts in grief and tears fall from the corners of her eyes are she shakes her head in denial. More description in the correct way will have the reader more strongly relate to the characters.

I look forward to seeing you improve in skill.

6541960 Practice does make perfect after all... practice was also one of the reasons I started work on FIMfiction, I'm doing a creative writing course in Collage.

That and I quite like MLP :twilightsmile:

6541471 And also I have noticed that several of the characters appear to have been ripped off from a cartoon series, too. Hrmph indeed!

There are many different places that one can go from the same basic premise. This could well turn into an entirely different story from Mirror's Image. Or it could share some similarities, and I'll still be fine with that. I just want to read fun pony stories. :)

And then everypony was once more a cherngelerng... :trollestia:

And in 18 years, never once did Twilight (who didn't know she was a changeling) have any sort of accident during which time her unconsciously-held disguise was lost.

She was wholly defended at every turn by her immensely dense Plot Armor... stupid cousin of her brother, Shining Armor.


6541774 It's called Mirrors Image, but it's also incomplete, so be prepared for being on the last chapter and going "What? NOO!"

I would post a link but I'm on my tablet, so that might be a bit difficult....

Ya, I tried, I can't do it on my tablet, sorry.


Lel I already had it favourited xD

thanks though <3

i look forward to twilight's reaction when it's revealed that not only is twilight a changeling but chrissiliss`s daughter. yet alone all her friends, adopted parents and the princesses reactions.

This is an interesting start to a story, I look forward to seeing where this goes.


And in 18 years, never once did Twilight (who didn't know she was a changeling) have any sort of accident during which time her unconsciously-held disguise was lost.

Um actually...

I really hope this doesn't get abandoned like so many other 'mother Chrysalis' fics are.

Tagged and watching.

Hmm, not entirely sure on this one. I'll add it to tracking for now. See where it goes.


Hm, this is looking like it could be very good. I really liked the bit of Chrysalis we saw so far and this is always a strong setup for an interesting story. It is still too early to say if it will be good or bad, but I am definitely looking forwards to the next chapter.

Also, I noticed a few little mechanical errors so you might want to look into getting an editor for future chapters.

6542148 ...Except for that one time her disguise failed in her sleep, but Shiny was too much of an idiot to realize it was not normal. :trollestia:

I love stories like this. Was it inspired by Mirror's Image by chance?
Reading this first chapter is giving me a lot of Deja vu.:derpytongue2:

Hmmm, this story interest me. Can't wait for the next chapter.

This story gets a like from me.

Its not the first time I've seen this sort of thing done and sadly most of the time it seems to fall flat. Lets see if you can do this right. I'm on for the ride, lets see what you can do.

This shows promise...
I feel like I've read this before somewhere else

Interesting intro, looking forward to how you will develop it. :twilightsmile:

6541793 There's a few concepts that generally do well if you're can write. Changelings, Sunset Shimmer, Growing up Stories (I.E. Filly Twilight, Sunset, Trixie growing up as a protege to a goddess)

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