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After seeing huge bursts of power from one universe a Q decides to investigate

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Staff writing fail · 9:29am July 13th

Just saw the EG special hasbro snuck out...and it's even worse then the MLP movie and Legend of Everfree. A moral that could have been good but very poor execution. It's uggghhh. why do we the fansd have better stories then the hired staff. I really don't know...there was so much cringe in this latest special. The only thing of interest is the heavy Rarijack ship.

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I got message from story owner to drop this so pm if you want discuss this more

There is enough there to say either or, but Chat wasn't in Double S so didn't kill her

No she didn't and girl in double sauerkraut said she was a body double used by Hamon ton maintain order and control.

yet she shos up in Unicorn

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