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After seeing huge bursts of power from one universe a Q decides to investigate


WHy no updates · 8:56pm February 11th

I am very sick right now so don't have energy to write anything

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Question on Accusation group · 7:17am Oct 21st, 2018

Remember that Accusation fics group...was it dissolved? I can't find it?

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Well....this is insteresting. · 9:07am Aug 29th, 2018

Well After seeing What Lies beneath I can confirm that Cozy is a minor villian spy.

But more interesting the Tree is confirmed sentient and takes Twilight's form as it's avatar. Though very scrystally which further proves a connection between the tree and the Heart.

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Staff writing fail · 9:29am Jul 13th, 2018

Just saw the EG special hasbro snuck out...and it's even worse then the MLP movie and Legend of Everfree. A moral that could have been good but very poor execution. It's uggghhh. why do we the fansd have better stories then the hired staff. I really don't know...there was so much cringe in this latest special. The only thing of interest is the heavy Rarijack ship.

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Winniverse Celestira, or should we say Tyrantlestia · 1:15am May 31st, 2018

Celestia of Winniverse. Started out as a well meaning ruler but ultimately becomes the tyrant the rebels claimed.

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Great news tomorrow · 5:20am May 20th, 2018

One of my major stories will be updating tomorrow. jsut waiting on the editor so you can put the torches and pitchforks away.....please:fluttercry:

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Very frustrating · 4:33am Apr 7th, 2018

finally got the replacement screen in but while trying to install it the connecter on the tablet broke so the tablet is now beyond repair to place an order for a new one/ even more the chapter of Shadow of Loyalty I was workign on can not be retrieved so have to start that one over from scratch so very frustrated.

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Good news And bad news. · 1:09am Mar 20th, 2018

Bad News First. My tablet got a crack in the screen and I thought I got a replacement for it. It's was the wrong peice and to get the right piece will take a while so Shadow of Loyalty will be delayed.

Good News. For though that loved Luna? I will make a sequel. Just not right away. have to figure some stuff out for it.

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My ban · 8:52pm Mar 12th, 2018

I was banned for 24 hours for posting the coverart of my Timberjack story in the Author's note. I should note on this. the Author's Note's does restrict me by not allow a anthro nude photo but it did allow the coverart image in so according to this site's own programing it was fine. YET I GOT BANNED. I tried to appeal and behold Knightly was AWOL. the only person I can appeal to was awol. I know the staff on this sight has had issue but this really took the cake. What's the point of having a

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Stealth site rule change · 5:50am Mar 11th, 2018

Earlier today I had an issue with a cover art I choose for a story. While dealing with that I discovered that several pics in my mature stories were gone. in fact you can't upload any NSFW images anymore despite being in a mature rated story. Now what really bugs be about that is not only the only way for people to even seen mature stories is if they have the mature setting on. BUT this sight easily allows clear incest stories but nude pics of anthro versions of known 18 year characters is a no

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