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Hasbro you fools · 6:23am Jul 1st, 2021

Well got some info about Gen 5 and it's terrible. Season 9 ending with Twilight and company getting all the major races to ally and take down the Legion of Doom and would continuing this as time will pass. Well Gen 5 which is supposed to be the same universe. race relations have dropped so bad that even the pony tribes have separated so it's now like Equestria never mind Twilight's efforts were useless. Wait to shit on the most popular generation of MLP you had. Note this kind of direction didn't work well for Star Wars what makes you think it will work for MLP. any interesting in Gen 5 is gone and you will see sales drop unless there is gen 4 items selling. What ever moron you listened to for this.


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And I was hoping to see something great, even if it wasn't in the same universe of G4

even sadder, this idea could work if it was a prequel showign the founding of Equestria

Actually if you look carefully you can see Equestria was always unstable and was doom to eventually fall apart. Heck! The season 9 finale showed us how easily it was.


Ok, you're all judging the series far too harshly, especially since it hasn't started yet.

You guys need to remember that this takes place many, many years after G4. Claiming that Twilight's efforts were "meaningless" is the equivalent of claiming Celestia's efforts to keep Equestria safe were worthless just because more villains showed up thousands of years later.

You all also need to remember that while peace is worth fighting for, it's noI always eternally lasting. In times of it evil seeks to grow, and depending how old are the damages, sometimes it'll take the world a while to recover.

For example, look at the Legend of Zelda series. Sure things have become bleak, but that doesn't mean concept of peace is gone forever, so long as there are others willing to fight for it when she was of the past have long since passed on.

Yes, the world is not in the best state long after our heroes have prevailed. But the fact of the matter is they are still remembed, their efforts are still known about even to this day, and as the synopsis shows, the main character is not only inspired by them, but motivated to follow in their footsteps.

The peace they brought about may not have lasted forever, but it still serve to show future Generations that it's still possible, still worth fighting for, and most importantly, capable of inspiring future Generations.

So no, their actions weren't worthless.

So stop trying to make false predictions and actually give the series a chance before throwing a tantrum and demanding anyone who came up with this to be fired just because you personally don't like it. Because by that point you're just acting selfish.

considering what has been happening with other franchises we have fully justified reasons to feel this way.

If they wanted this idea to succeed then do NOT make it a sequel but a PREQUEL like doing the founding of Equestria not a post season 9 point in time.

Look at Star Wars Sequel trilogy. we were never told how the First order got the power to threaten the New Republic but less take over the galaxy as a whole mere days after Starkiller base was destroyed. you raise questions that are never answered thus damage your whole plot with such holes.

many of these holes for gen 5 could be solved if they placed thre time period in the past not the future

Hawkx1 #6 · Jul 1st, 2021 · · 2 ·

It also didn’t work from G1 to G2 (which I am starting to see parallels (smartphones anyone?)

To quote the Minions from the Overlord games, "evil always finds a way". Depending on how far in the future it's taking place, it's not out of the realm of possibility that worse things than the Legion rose up, and if Twilight's friends aren't around, everyones best hope may very well have fallen on the shoulders of a person who's shown herself to be susceptible to mental/ emotional breakdowns in the past. It's also possible Harmony hasn't been "on her side" for some time for whatever reason.

Something worse keeps rising up after every villain is defeated. If villains weren't the issue, I would suspect politics, as stupid as that might be.


Not sure what franchises you're referring to, but that doesn't justify you automatically condemning the entire series as terrible and unsalvageable. If anything it sounds no different than the people who hated G4 when it first started.

You see, that's the biggest problem with your comment. All I'm hearing is "I'm not getting what I specifically wanted so it's automatically bad".

Just because you wanted a prequel and you think that that would have been the best option doesn't automatically mean any other option is terrible. What you want does not equal what the fandom wants.

Besides prequels tend to fall into foregone conclusion territory, and that usually leads to certain parts getting boring rather quickly cuz we're just waiting for the main event to happen and everything else starts to feel like filler.

Case and point, the Star Wars Prequels.

And as I said before, it's meant to be a new generation of Heroes, taking several steps back into the past would be good for a few episodes explaining how we got here, but making an entire series of it just feels like pandering.

I didn't want either of these but the best chance for this the work is prequel.

and again look at all the franchises ruined lately.

and the Prequels are flawed, mainly because lucas had too many yes men around him. but the story was sound, jsut poorly executed. and note the CGI Clone Wars solves many of the issues with the Prequels.

I wanted a show that could be as good as Gen 4. but everything I heard and read is red flag central

You're not exactly giving me any examples of ruined franchises out of lately.

And even so, once again, just because that's what you want doesn't mean it's the best possible option, nor is it fair to automatically judge the series based on it's beginning. If that were practical than G4 never would have gotten this far as it did.

At the moment, you're not even giving it a chance to be as good as G4, so you can't really call your reactions "justified".

Star Trek, Star Wars, Dr. Who, the MCU, Ghostbusters, Thunder Cats, The Powerpuff Girls.

Think those are enough?

Don't watch Star Trek or Dr. Who.

Star Wars still has good shows such as the Mandalorian and the Bad Batch, the MCU has been mostly good with its spinoffs and the movies that came out after Endgame.

I'm indifferent to Ghostbusters.

Don't care for the Thunder Cats and Powerpuff Girls reboots.

But that still doesn't make it okay to judge a new series as terrible just because you're not getting what you personally wanted out of it.

How does that make you sound less selfish or judgmental than the people who hated G4 when it first started just for being a girl show?

Comment posted by Vigriff deleted Jul 1st, 2021
Comment posted by Vigriff deleted Jul 14th, 2021

They aren't going to fire them because Hasbro was stupid enough to listen to Twatter in the first place and won't do so later because they allow the opinions of idiots to cloud their judgement.

Yeah this is probably the most logical conclusion to be made here.

yes it does, i do watch most of them. and even if you don't watch those shows you should have at least heard of things. and mandalorian and bad batch are trying to undo the damage done by the sequel triology.

all of those franchises have had those in charge did really stupid thigns that damaged thje franchise.

You forgot Teen Titans plus didn’t Hasbro already ruin MLP with Pony Life (Not like TTG my @$$)

No, it really doesn't. All those franchises are different from each other and not comparable to MLP in terms of tone.

Also, you are deviating from the subject at hand, as well as avoiding my question, how does this attitude make you remotely less selfish and judgmental than those who hated G4 simply for being a girl's show?

Your personal opinion on other franchises doesn't make your judgmental attitude toward this one objectively right. It just comes off at you looking for an excuse to hate something new.

So try being less pessimistic actually give the series a chance before judging it.

Didnt people already know about these things months ago with the mc being an activist?

yes it does. the commonality of all those franchises that they are much beloved franchises and were handled poorly.

Why should i be optimistic when history tells me otherwise?

Once again, it doesn't. Your personal take on how they were handled doesn't automatically equal fact.

No one's telling you to be blindly optimistic, but being harshly quick to judge while demanding that anyone associated with the new series be fired isn't the answer either.

Once again, you're just acting selfish.

As Knight of Crows as already said "evil finds a way" and it really does. You cannot expect whatever happened in the past to continue on forever. When one evil is vanquished another will arise and whatever has happened to divide the tribes, I'll enjoy watching.

The creators wanted to establish a future of Equestria continuing on from our main characters from gen 4 and see what's happened now that they're gone. I know being upset that gen 4 is over but when the series has been around 10 years, it's gonna get stale eventually. Hell, there's whole chunks of season 8 and 9 I haven't watched because I'm not feeling it anymore. Nevertheless, if you continue to look through gen 4 nostalgia goggles you're just going to be disappointed.

Personal take? How about the take of most people

I didn't expect everything to be solved after season 9 but to have things end up worse then as the show started. To be at preequestria status is hard to chew and makes the same mistake as the sequel triolgy

You don't speak for most of the fans. And once again you're avoiding answering my question, how does judging the show so harshly make you less selfish than those who hated MLP to begin with?

Hard to chew? I find a future where they've been divided very intriguing and appealing. It just makes it that more interesting when they come together once more. Why have 'the next generation' be the same as the old generation?

because I am a fan of gen 4 and I hate to see everything we saw them go through for 9 years all gone. This is return of the jedi to Force awakens. everything they did gone. And now even worse. and considering the track record of the hollywood right now I am justified.

And again look many of these franchises and how they are doing. the live action powerpuff girls was so bad from the leaked episode one script that they are redoing the whole episode. maybe actually pay attention to holywood news groups.

but not at the expensise of everything. the fact that not only has it reset to the start of FIM it's actually beyond it. they are now preEquestria despite the lesson of Hearth's Warming taught every year

And like I said before, not everything is gone, the main character herself is stated to have grown up being told tales about their adventures and seeks to follow in their footsteps, so clearly not everything is gone. And also has I pointed out before, peace is not always Everlasting, but their actions have still inspired a new generation, so clearly aspects of their actions have stuck around over the years. Something you'd know if you paid attention instead of just looking for an excuse to hate the series.

So no, you are not justified. The way you're acting, you're basically saying nothing from G5 is allowed to be good.

So? You make it seem like what they've done, is basically said "f you" to the fans and made something purely to spite them.

What you're not getting it seems. This is meant to be Generation 5. It's connected to generation 4, but it is not meant to be it again. They've got new characters, places, threats and many hopefully new things that distant it from gen 4. I'm sure they'll keep some stuff of what gen 4 accomplished, but since we don't know how far in to future this is yet, we can't expect it to be that 2.0 and I don't want it to be.

Friendship is magic should not be an established theme for this series, that was the tag line for gen 4. Leave it be and do something else for a change.

because that is what current writers do. They see the shows as a platform to spout their idelogy rather then tell a good story.

the very fact that one of the MC's of this gen is coulden't to have the raised fist. the symbol of communist revolution. Look up Red Salute. And this is going to be the cutie mark of one of the main characters.

Granted that Is the case unfortunately for a lot. But I always give people the benefit of the doubt that they'll make something interesting. Yet you seem to continue to plaster silly comments that does nothing but make me disappointed at how many people like you have this mindset. I used to like reading some of your stories Q. Looks like I can't do that now

we have tried. i was hoping gen 5 be good. again look at all the franchises damaged by those currently in charge of.

There is an old saying. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." That is where I am right now.

Again. It's not even out yet, there isn't even a full trailer describing the full plot. You're basically making judgments over a brief description.

that is always the excuse. "It's not out yet." Well the earlier we point out how we hate where they are going the easier time they have to back track. Again the live action powerpuff girls script was so bad many thought it was a joke. then the company doing the show I think it was CW started copyright striking the vids. proving the leak script real. They are now scrapping that script though they are keeping the same writing staff. History of the industry forces me to think this way. Hasbro nailed the golden egg getting Lauren Faust to make gen 4. She got making a great world, characters, and show formula. This is a completely new team and heard nothing of previous works. Faust had several shows that were successful before gen 4. who is actually making this studio wise? it's not the same crew that was gen 4 even at the end.

so yes I have genuine concerns. and given what has been going one with the tv/movie industry we should all be careful.


the very fact that one of the MC's of this gen is coulden't to have the raised fist. the symbol of communist revolution. Look up Red Salute. And this is going to be the cutie mark of one of the main characters.

I can't tell if you're joking or just being dense, but I suggest you look at the cutie marks again, not a single one of them remotely resembles that:


we have tried. i was hoping gen 5 be good. again look at all the franchises damaged by those currently in charge of.

That comparison doesn't hold any water when they're completely different franchises with a different writer, and just because you hate it doesn't automatically make it terrible.

So stop using that as a crutch.

that is always the excuse. "It's not out yet." Well the earlier we point out how we hate where they are going the easier time they have to back track.

The fact that you have to throw in that "we" really highlights your selfishness. You don't speak for the rest of the fans so stop pretending you do just because you personally don't like it.

The entire premise revolves around the new characters getting things "back on track" by this point, so you complaining changes nothing.

This is a completely new team and heard nothing of previous works. Faust had several shows that were successful before gen 4. who is actually making this studio wise? it's not the same crew that was gen 4 even at the end.

So basically you're saying that the new team handling the series don't deserve the benefit of the doubt before the series even even comes out because YOU say so? I suggest you drop that selfish method of thinking into the garbage where drawings, otherwise you're better off joining this group.

Get over yourself and stop making up false predictions while you somehow speak for the fans. By this point you're just embarrassing yourself.

Okay some info wrong.

The issue with writing staff is. Where they hired for their talent or are they a diversity hire. Take the latest episode of Loki. Its writer had 3 stories under their belt. None of them very notable. Yet they were given an episode of a show that has a mc luke Loki who has YEARS of history already to them.

Or let us move to gaming like Mass Effect Andromeda. This game was not done by the team that did the first three but a team that up till that point was a support team. Not the main dev team on anything. Then add in them forced to use the frostbite engine and we saw the results. Game dead, team dissolved and the ip in storage with only the remaster since.


Okay some info wrong.

Seriously, have you been hanging out with these idiots? Because that's only reason I can think of as to where you would get that kind of false info.

Seriously dude, do actual research instead of embarrassing yourself.

The issue with writing staff is. Where they hired for their talent or are they a diversity hire. Take the latest episode of Loki.

Yeah I'm going to stop you right there.

None of that has anything to do with the current series as a whole. Especially since these are two different franchises with vastly different settings and tones. You're basically basing all of this on half-baked assumptions without actual facts to back it up.

Or let us move to gaming like Mass Effect Andromeda.

Let's not.

Dragging in other franchises just because you hate the way they turned out it doesn't mean you're making a point. It just means you looking for more excuses use as a crutch.

Your experience is NOT universal, so it's pointless to even bring those examples up.

but it is making a point you don't want to see. Their are big concerns with what Gen 5 is doing

You haven't made any "point", you've just been complaining and making false assumptions about a series that isn't even out yet.

If everything you've proven that I've been making points you refuse to see, after all you've been doing nothing to answer my questions and just deviating to different subjects.

Like I said, stop pretending to speak for someone else. You don't get to suddenly pretend you're being profound and knowledgeable after making that idiotic "communist revolution" assumption.

You're making a point, you're just embarrassing yourself.

can make those assumptions on history. because guess what. those other franchises. they also said wait till it comes out. we did and we saw the reults. so EXCUSE ME if i don't want this one going the same route.

Once again, those aren't accurate comparison because those are different series altogether, and just because you didn't like those changes doesn't automatically make them terrible.

So no, I won't excuse you because you're just looking for excuses to hate something new.

So get over yourself, stop pretending you speak for the fans and stop embarrassing yourself.

no they are accurate. that's what you don't get. they are popular franchises, most even more then MLP. Yet they got screwed up by those in charge of them. and it looks like Hasbro will follow suit.

No. They aren't.

Especially since the examples you used were insignificant at the best and simply showcased that you are a minority in that side of fandom at worst.

Once again: proof that you can't accept change.

Those series don't revolve around your preferences only. And given that some of the changes were enjoyed by other fans, you don't speak for them in the slightest. Which is the main fact that you seem to be deliberately ignoring.

I can accept change. Logical change. This not it. Again to set relations back to pre Equestria after season 9 makes no sense..especially since for well over 1000 years they have been unified.

However. Take the core of this idea. Moved to pre health's warming a d the key issues fade away. Fir that is logical.

You keep saying I don't speak for all Dan's. Well neither do YOU. But going by the comments on those covering this news many are not positive comments.

And as it has been pointed out to you multiple times: This is a far far FLUNG future of Equestria.

And newsflash: the world DOES change over time. Just because the heroes win doesn't mean that the world will always be at peace and no bad ever happens.

Case and point: the stories of the Mane 6 have happened so long ago that they fell to legend and myth. And when something like that happens, society can change in a way that wasn't intended.

Heck, you trying to bring in Star Wars kills off your argument since even in Legends bad things started up again even after Vader killed Palps.

You can't go through life expecting the world to NOT change over millennia.

As shown with series Avatar, Beast Wars, Power Rangers, Sonic, the Legend of Zelda, and the best example: Chronicles of Narnia and Prince Caspian. The events of Caspian happened millenia after the children left, and does that make the battle with the White Queen pointless?


And as for your claim that none of the comments are positive towards G5? Yeah sure, keep lying to yourself.

The fact is that you're focusing only on your precious little Echo chamber where everyone hates you as much as you do. Go to actual sites that and fan groups that are giving G5 a chance and you'll find a completely different and more positive response.

Word of advice, stop lying to yourself so you can pretend your hatred is the only allowed to be justified.

You want to talk logic? Hating it is one thing, but trying to drag everyone down to your level so they're just as miserable about it as you? That's the illogical part.

So get over yourself Mr. "Fire them Immediately".

I expect more struggles to come but again Equestria was FOUNDED without the sisters or Twilight and maintained that all that time. Then with Teilught having alot of time to keep working on it to go back to preequestria is an extreme hard sell.
Me and others have big concerns that you keep dismissing Mr. "Everything is fine."


I expect more struggles to come but again Equestria was FOUNDED without the sisters or Twilight and maintained that all that time.

And I stated before, peace is not permanent. There will always be future trials.

Me and others have big concerns that you keep dismissing Mr. "Everything is fine."

There is such a thing as cautious optimism you now.

Your so-called "big concerns" consists of you whining about how terrible it's going to be based on the premise alone and how everyone should hate it as much as you, that's it. Ergo you're no different than the people who hated G4 from the beginning just because it was a girl's show.

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