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After seeing huge bursts of power from one universe a Q decides to investigate


Cadance has deep secrets that only one other pony knows, Princess Celestia. And that their meeting wasn't as easy as many were lead to believe. This is that story.

A Winniverse Story blessed by Chengar Qordath.

Not Canon to his stories.

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This story is a sequel to There is no Luna

Seeing Twilight disturbed worried Luna and looked into the reason why. What she found will shocked her to her very being. She will never be the same.

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200 Years after her rise to alicornhood Twilight may have discovered the original homeland of her race only to be interrupted by a crash of a strange object. What she finds will change her world forever.

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Mystic Sparkle, the younger sister of Twilight Sparkle lives in a war torn Equestria. With so many suffering she plans to go back in time to prevent these events from happening. She was going to save Twilight Sparkle. The sister she never met.

Spin off on Rated Ponystar's The Assassination of Twilight Sparkle and Aftermath of a Fallen Star and done with his input and permission.

Cover art done by tvolcom322 at Deviantart.

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This story is a sequel to Nightmare At CHS

Over fifty years have passed since Selene ended up in Equestria as the reborn Nightmare Moon. The bulk of the mane 6 are now old and misses the good times she has had with them.

She should have known better.

Now Twilight spell experiment went crazy and Selene finds herself in another Equestria and meets a pony she never expected to see.

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Dave has had a rough couple of weeks. His girlfriend dumped him, his mom died, and now he lost his job. He wanted some time to relax but a being from another world has a different idea.

Not mention an evil sense of humor.

Featured on 9/24/2015
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Twilight and the other Element Bearers thought that Rainbow's ego was becoming a problem. So they invented a hero to teach Rainbow a lesson. Instead, they learn that the only thing worse than a wounded enemy is a comrade betrayed. Never betray the Element of loyalty.

Edited by Blazing and icecreammac

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Note Rewritten

Twilight Cloud and her younger sister Moonbeam Sparkle, live an average life in the capitol city of Ponyville. Both mares are united in the fact that they both lack their cutie mark, even at the age of 20. Neither of them are really that concerned with their destiny, but destiny, on the otherhoof, is extremely concerned with them, and the coming months are going to prove far more pivotal then anypony could've imagined.

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Ryan Danver was a Stormchaser. he loved Mother nature at it's wildest but when he was struck by lightning he ended up in Equestria. In the body of a cyan colored pegasus.

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This story is a sequel to Death to Nightmare

When Twilight and Selene have an unexpected guest Twilight feels it be a good time for her and Selene to visit her friends in Canterlot High. Especially after the prank Selene pulled on Celestia. However, their vacation runs into unexpected problems as the government and others are now quite interested in the oddities surrounding the high school.

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