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    Hasbro you fools

    Well got some info about Gen 5 and it's terrible. Season 9 ending with Twilight and company getting all the major races to ally and take down the Legion of Doom and would continuing this as time will pass. Well Gen 5 which is supposed to be the same universe. race relations have dropped so bad that even the pony tribes have separated so it's now like Equestria never mind Twilight's efforts were

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    A Word of Adivce to fellow Writers

    Recently read a story called Mistress of Oasis where an Egyptian styled Queen kidnaps spike to repopulate their species which is facing an issue of too few males born and most of them are sterile. seemed interesting. but i pointed out in the first chapter that this was a bad move by the queen. Spike is considered the brother to one royal Princess. but noted in this story Spike is also legally

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  • 33 weeks
    G5 is goign to fail

    just check this out.


    Faust help us

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    When you try to help a writer

    reading an interesting story but has a big weakness. Twilight is OOC as a jerk to the stories MC with very little reason shown. they say the Elements destroyed and the princesses beaten which they show but they also say alot of Ponyville residents died but they don't SHOW it so we are to believe on just that Twilight is at the point where she can; kidnap a human, blast their arm off in the

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    19 years and where we are now

    it's been 19 years since 9/11. a horrible event that made all Americans unified in sorrow, fear, and then anger. United We Stand was the motto. Perhaps the greatest sadness is that THAT horrible event couldn't keep us unified for even a few years. And now we are at the point of Civil War for my country. Where a seven year old is attacked by two grown women, or a man simply walking at night

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G5 is goign to fail · 10:11am February 3rd

just check this out.


Faust help us

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I didn't know you watched Clownfish TV, neat!

... Woke media kills yet another franchise.
Does anyone even keep track of them anymore, or do we just hit it with a big REJECTED stamp and throw it into the ever-growing pile?

At least we can comfortably rely on Helluva Boss to be proudly non-PC.

Get Woke
Go Broke

new material will be nice, inspiration for new stories, and fimfiction will correct and filter out all the wokeness

there will be a lot of correction fics going around for a while after it's released x3

And now yet another series shall be destroyed by stupidity running high without thoughtfulness, but PC and and Greed.

We just can't have nice things anymore. :facehoof:

I can't understand business people and their complete inability to understand that their audience doesn't like being talked down to and expect said audience to not react negatively to stuff like this.

They live in bubbles. So very confused when their BRIGHT idea fails.

It’s a bit soon to predict G5 failing.

The article in the video says that there are indications of wanting it to be inclusive. Fim has always had an inclusive messaging be it with zecora, the school of friendship or the reformation of villains. They are not saying that the generation will only focus on making diversity points and talk about racism.

The activist thing could suck but it depends on how it’s approached and only one character is atm. They want to use the same universe and it might be that they are talking about a ‘friendship activist’ or something equivalent. It sounds childish but this is a child show. Twilight Sparkle was also basically playing that role in Fim. I really doubt the serie will be about protests and picket lines.

In the end, It will depend on how they do it.

wow Hasbro has shot their selves in both feet at the same time they are jumping the shark.

consider the examples given in the video confidence in this route is very low.

I mean, she-ra is doing very well, thundercat is doing ok and yeah the new ghostbusters sucked but none of them matter bacause you can’t determine that G5 will be like any of them with only a paragraph. Getting triggered and freaking out because one character is called an activist seems pretty ridiculous.

yet matel, the owners of She ra are not promoting toys based off the netflix show, there is no talk of a sequel or spinoff. I think that is very telling. as concerned as we are and the history of MANY shows is the proof of our concern. FIM is gettign a sequel well before she ra says it all

Your concern is based on one paragraph. You infer that mlp is going the road of failure on one paragraph. Your examples of shows that "failed" still relies on one paragraph to explain how mlp is going to do the same thing.
Also, the marketing of toys doesn’t necessarily correlate with the quality of a show. For some reasons, they didn’t seem to push for toys for she ra and they also didn’t for gravity falls. It doesn’t mean that those shows were bad or failed.

it is concerning considering previous show attempts elsrewhere.

and note She Ra is owned by matel a toy company. yet they are promoting OG toys NOT the Netlix version so that IS telling.

Habsro is still making toys on G4 even though it's run is over.

Uh, woke stuff? I have been living under a rock in regards to Gen 5.

You know thunder cats roar and such. That is the likely direction.

Its doomed from the start

Its not gonna be as good as G4 im 99 % certain of that! saying it will fail IS a bit early and I actually commented on that video I think that if you handle the topics you wanna talk about with maturity and care , you can still pull it off , but they probably will just scream : racism is bad because that is easier than putting thought into what causes racism , what consequences it has and how you can inspire change

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